Blue=Ghosty talking

Red=Spicy/Playful talking

Dark Red=Male Toad talking

Purple=Female Toad/Eclipsa talking

Pink=Kirby talking

Dark Green=Desert talking

Light Yellow=Novella talking

Brown=Cooper/Waddle Dee talking

Berry=King Dedede


Ghosty and Spicy venture through the jungle. Night has fallen, but Ghosty used a tiny dose of his PSI to make a fireball and light the way, Spicy following. "You think we have to camp here for tonight, Ghosty? We've been walking for hours." "It'll all be worth it once we get back to Salem. Then, we can take it from there and get set." Then, Ghosty and Spicy see a town in the distance, sort of like the 17th centurie style. "Bam. We're home." Ghosty says. Ghosty lights out the fireball, and he and Spicy run down and reach there. Everything was just so normal. There was lamps, the nice design of houses, mushroom kingdom toads as main residents...wait, what?

Ghosty walks up to a toad. "What happened to everyone here?" "Huh? Oh. There are actually two different Salems. One is the town here. The other is the one across the ocean." "Wait, WHAT?" Spicy asks, hearing the conversation as well. "Listen, there's a ferry you can use that's West of here. Maybe you two can catch a ride and get back." "Yeah. We can do that, but where are we gonna spend the night?" Ghosty asks. "There's an inn next to the bar. Spend a night there. You two got money?" Ghosty and Spicy check their pockets. They remember they have 500 copper coins. They show it to the toad. "No no no no no! This is the mushroom kingdom. 25 copper coins equal one mushroom coin. Here, let me give you two some." "No thanks. We can handle ourselves." “I insist. You two are new to the mushroom kingdom. It’s always good to carry our type of money around.” Ghosty and Spicy shrug. The toad gives them 25 mushroom kingdom coins; enough to get them both a bed at the inn and have a spare 5. “Take care, you two. Sleep well.” The toad leaves as Ghosty and Spicy search around the place for the inn. “Spicy, over here.” Ghosty enters the inn, then Spicy.

They walk up to a toad receptionist. Ghosty and Spicy give her 20 mushroom kingdom coins. “Two beds for us, please.” Ghosty says to her. “Right this way, you two.” She says, escorting Ghosty and Spicy into a vacant room. “This room is good for you Salem foreigners. Has a view of the square and the noose. Sleep well.” She leaves without another word. Ghosty and Spicy lie in their beds, Spicy clapping and turning off the lights. Ghosty and Spicy had to be ready to take on Dedede and his obstacles again. “Night, Spicy.” “Night, Ghosty.”

Desert, Novella, and Cooper looked up at the sky, sitting next to a lit campfire. The warmth of it soothed their soul. It was nice and relaxing for both of them. It was night as well, considering that Ghosty, Spicy, and Desert were in the mushroom kingdom. 

"This sky is so beautiful at night. You can see all the stars and the bright moon." Cooper and Desert look up. “You’re right. This view is astonishing.” “Then you should visit Salem. The stars are so shiny and the moon looks blue on full moon.” Novella looks a bit confused.  “ isn’t when we try.” Cooper then realizes what Desert meant for “Salem” “Oh cripes. Desert was talking about the one in Oregon. There’s another one in the mushroom kingdom.” “Wait, you’re saying I’m stuck here forever?” Desert stars to panic. “Oh no, Oh no, Oh no.” “Calm down, Desert. There’s a ferry over in that Salem where we can ride and get you back there.” “Oh. That’s good to hear.” Desert says, relieved. “Hey, we’re going to Salem, too, after our findings in the desert. We always wanted to see that full moon.” “Desert, can we come with you?” Desert thinks for a bit. “Sure. You two can come with me.” Novella starts to get a bit ecstatic, and then checks herself and calms down. Cooper looks at where the moon is now. “We should start to sleep. We’ll need it for exploring the desert.” “Okay. Night, Desert.” Desert doesn’t respond, and makes a worried look and glares at the sky.

Novella gets up and sits next to him. Desert can already see in her eyes that she’s saying what’s wrong. “The way I came here, it was surprising and sudden. I just got thrown out that window and watched as two friends get lost as well. I’m worried about them.” “Hey, it’s gonna be okay. I’ve heard a bit about the Oregon Salem mercenaries. What I know? They’re tough. I can already tell that your two friends are Ghosty and Spicy.” Desert looks surprised. He’s never met anyone who just guessed that. Desert starts to realize how smart this girl is. “Woah. That was amazing how you guessed correctly. Well, we should really sleep. Thanks for making me feel better, Novella.” “You’re welcome. Feel free to talk to me whenever you’re feeling down. I can make you feel better.”

Desert looks up in the sky, and looks at as much stars as he can. “I wish for Ghosty and Spicy to be sleeping in a nice inn, relaxing and feeling much more ready to take on the world.”

Eclipsa and Kirby walk through the Salem forest. They look around for any sign of a way to Ghosty and the others. Kirby then goes in his Bag o' Junk, and eats a feather. Kirby gets wings and a tail, then flies up and soars. Kirby sees the Mushroom kingdom island, followed by a blue and red star trail going to a forest there, and a green trail going to the desert. Kirby flies back to down to Eclipsa.

“So?” “(We’re going to the mushroom kingdom. We might even meet a friend of mine that is a resident over there).” “Who’s that person.” Kirby gets ready to tell Eclipsa a long explanation. “(My friend over there is the one and famous Mario. We’ve known each other due to us battling constantly at the smash tournament. I’ve also known his sibling, Luigi. Mario would fight a giant turtle named Bowser (who I also saw at the tournament) and his army. Why does he do this? Bowser is at it kidnapping a princess called Peach (who I also saw as well at the tournament). Of course, the good guy beats the bad guy and gets the girl. So there you have it. Mario is a hero.)” Kirby pats himself on the back. He then sees Eclipsa was about to fall asleep listening. “Wow. This Mario person must be amazing.” “(That is, if you consider a fat guy looking like a plumber amazing).”

Kirby then puts away the feather ability in the bag, and then takes out a sail. Kirby becomes a little raft. “Come on. We have to go get Desert and the rest.” Eclipsa gets on and rows. The two hope for the three's safety. Fortanuntly, little did they know that Spicy and the rest were sleeping peacefully.

Blossom looks out the window of her balcony. Then, Dedede enters. “So, how are you doing?” he asks. “I’m fine. You don’t have to be concerned of me due to your love for me.” “Love? BLARGH! I don’t even like you. The only reason why I separated you from everyone else is because you’ll probably make some speech and then an uprising happens. I don’t want that to happen.” Blossom grins a bit. “Smart duck. Well, I want to go to sleep. You should probably be somewhere punching a sandbag with Kirby’s face on it.” “Heh, maybe I should. Well, get your sleep. I don’t wanna interrupt you.” Dedede stands at the door, but then Blossom stops him. “And honestly, try to sum up being nice, because that conversation I had with you? I was being as nice as I can.” Dedede then leaves.


A guard enters. Then, the guard takes off his mask. No, it’s a her. It’s Playful. “Blossom, I’m getting you out of here. You care for Ghosty as much as I do. We have to get out of here. Just put this on and follow me.” Playful tosses Blossom a guard outfit. “I can’t go. They’ll smell my nice aura that was passed on for generations. You keep it.” Playful thinks for a bit, and takes it back. “I know a place where I can descend from a tiny rocket and reach back. Want me to say anything to Ghosty when I find him?” “No thanks. I already have someone on it.” Playful then leaves, putting her mask on again.

Playful reaches the rocket station. Playful takes out keys and unlocks the glass opening to the rocket. Suddenly, a Waddle Dee enters. "What are you doing?" "Uhh..." The Waddle Dee sets off the alarm. Playful quickly gets everything 100% set and the coundown commences


The Waddle Dee rushes to the engine


The Waddle Dee gets to the panel after unscrewing the screws with his spear

"8...7...6...5--Error--Blast off"

Playful's rocket shoots out and heads to Earth. More guards rushed there.  "Got away, didn't they?" "Yeah." "Did you unscrew the panel?" "...oh"

The Waddle Dee that tried to stop Playful is on a bridge over lava. "I'm sorry I helped her get away by accidenlty unscrewing the panel. Plese have mercy." "Nope."

They drop him in the lava by cutting the bridge.


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