Ghosty and Yami walk to the castle, both in a talk. "You think that butterfly will be able to handle herself?" Ghosty asks Yami. "Of course. Even if it gets caught, I'm pretty sure a talking butterfly would go trending." "You're right. Never see a talking insect each day." They both enter the castle and glare at all the enticing design and decorations. Ghosty and Yami both approach the door to the King's hall, but then guards talk to them. "Is he with you?" one of them asks. "Yes." Yami says. "I'm sorry to inform you two, the Royal Court has a dress code that is enforced at all times." "Formal attire is required at all times. The king is in there, for goodness' sake. Your friend can't go in there looking like he just fell out of bed. There are rules, you know."

Ghosty suddenly jumps and does his knuckle scare. The guards don't barge. "You're kidding, right?" he asks. "" Ghosty says, knowing he made a fool out of himself. "Well, the best you can do is put on a tie, lad." Suddenly, the butterfly starts yelling. "BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR!" the butterfly is talking with the Minister. "Please keep your voice down...butterfly." "But you just have to let me see the king!" Ghosty vaults off the tiny balcony and Yami, still being on her best behavior on castle grounds, uses the stairs. "Oh, hello again." the butterfly says to them. "I see you three know each other?" the Minister asks. "Yeah, these are..." Ghosty and Yami patiently wait. " friends. See, when people help each other out, they have things like friends, you meanie." Ghosty puts his hand on his head and just shakes it. The minister starts to know how annoying this butterfly is. "I can assure you that I am no 'meanie.' " he says. "I apologize, but we just do not allow insects at the Royal Court. It simply isn't done. The king is a very busy man. I'm sorry, but I must ask you to leave now." The minister walks away and Ghosty and Yami walk up to the butterfly.

"He's prejudiced against butterflies. Can you believe that in this day and age?" Ghosty shrugs. "They probably didn't let Ghosty in because of the way he's dressed, huh?" "My knuckle scare apparently doesn't work against those guys." Ghosty says. "Way more prejudice. How can people get so uptight about dressing formally? You even have a personal invitation from the king. Ugh, I just get so--" a idea sparks the butterfly. "I know an idea how to get Ghosty in. Wanna try something sneaky?" Yami sighs. "I hate breaking rules, but this is Ghosty, so go ahead." "Ghosty, stand still." Ghosty tries to imitate a statue. Then, the butterfly goes on Ghosty's neck. "You've heard of a bow tie...well, say hello to the world's first buttertie." Ghosty looks at Yami. "How do I look?" "Snassy." Yami gives Ghosty a thumbs up.

Ghosty and Yami get back to the door. The guards, of course, stop them. "Again, like I said. Your outfit isn't--" Butterfly sparkles. "Ooooh...what's that sparkly thing? That's the prettiest bow tie I've ever laid eyes on. It's so...fetching. Man, you should've put that on earlier. Go on." Yami enters first, then as soon as Ghosty puts his hand on the door, the same guard talks. "And hey, use that knuckle scare for bad guys, okay?" Ghosty nods as he enters.

Ghosty and Yami make their way in front of the king. King Erik...looks like a child. "You two certainly took your time. I'm sorry if I inconvenience you two at all. After all, I , Erik, 11th king of Castele, am only the ruler of our entire realm. It is my royal duty to explain to you two how all citizens choose a Life that they wish to pursue. As King Erik, your rightful, kind, and loving ruler, allow me to congratulate you on this auspicious day." Ghosty puts his right arm on his chest and his left arm up. Yami nods. Erik continues. "After all, it's not every day that we are graced by the presence of a young...uhh...which life did you two choose again?"

Before the two supernatural beings can correct him, his wife, Ophelia, speaks up. "Oh Erik. Honestly? Can't you just pretend to be even the tiniest bit interested?" "Agh, it doesn't matter." Erik responds. "So may the Life you two chosen lead you to glory, fame, success, and all that jazz. Butterfly whispers to Ghosty. "So the king is a little boy?" "Sorry, what was that. You're mumbling to yourself now?" "Ghosty!" Yami hits him with her elbow. "Sorry, your highness." Ghosty says, giving Butterfly the 'way too close' look. "Actually, I like a lad who isn't afraid to show his feeling. On my left is my wife, Queen Ophelia" "Congratulations on starting your Life, Ghosty and Yami." "And the young lady on my right is--"

King Erik notices someone is missing. "Oh, Princess Laura left a while ago." Ophelia says to Erik. "That girl is shameless when it comes to openly defying my orders. I told her to stay in the castle!" Erik says to himself. "Doesn't she know kids are supposed to listen to their parents? Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Enjoy your chosen Life and cherish the opportunity to share it with others. It's up to you, Ghosty and Yami. Yami the Mercenary and Ghosty the Wizard will follow a singular path heretofore uncharted since the first sunrise. Please accept these gifts from the royal family as a token of hour happiness for your future prosperity."

King Erik gives Ghosty a wizard outfit and Yami a mercenary outfit. Both of them also get some dosh and a map showing all of Reveria. "As you may or may not know, In Reveria we offer a Master for each Life. This will be your mentor. You will begin as a Novice under the tutelage of a Master. This is how it has always been done. Once your Master gives you two him or her respects, you will be promoted to Fledgling. With work, you may even become a Master yourself. Off with you two. Go meet your masters."

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