WOO! I am a DM. I wanna repay you all back

3000 B.C.E.

A long time ago, monsters roamed Salem, even Werewolves. Each night, they would run around, killing these calm folk, and new people would move in to suffer the same fate.

The only way to scare them off forever was to get the golden torch; a torch enchanted with the ability to vanqusih away any evil.

There was a ninja. His name? Ghosty. He had always traveled with a Kirby and gort. They were in front of the golden temple

Ghosty: You two ready

Kirby: (Yup.)

Kafoofoo: (I don't wanna die.)

Kafoofoo, the scared gort, runs and hits his head on a trwe, knocking him out.

Ghosty: Alright, let's go

Ghosty grabs Kirby and dashes in the temple


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