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    Behind the Roles

    March 4, 2016 by Fuzzboy8952

    I'll ask you a question...

    What do you think happened before our little death game?

    How many people do you truly think participated?

    How many died to give you entertainment?

    Well, luckily for you, i'm going to answer these questions for you today...

    I shall tell you of the 124 people who played my game...

    I shall tell you their stories...

    I shall tell you of their fates...

    I shall tell you...I shall tell you...

    The Town

    The Mafia

    The Killers

    The Neutrals

    The Anarchists

    The Forgotten

    The Psychos

    The Loners

    The Spellcasters

    The Outcasts

    The Creeps

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