Because the dimensions in the Live Chat are so funky and strange, I've decided to create a list documenting the most important ones, in order of lowest numbers to highest numbers.

Dimension 1 = Also known as Dimension IRL, this is the real world that we live in when not chatting in a computer screen. Like most people on this wiki, I don't visit Dimension IRL often.

Dimension 22 = A land of explosives and danger, the home of the Rocket Launcher 22 army. Be wary, as they will pounce on you the second they get the chance and make you explode.

Dimension 34 = The land that the Town of Salem wiki chat currently resides in, named after the fact that ToS has 34 roles currently.

Dimension 69 = The Sex Dimension. Go there to have a good time.

Dimension 101 = Otherwise known as Venera, this is the land that VeneraSurvivalGuid101 comes from.

Dimension 105 = The Dimension of Role-Playing love. This number is chosen because it is exactly 4 dimensions away from the Venera dimension and from the Eddie dimension.

Dimension 109 = The Dimension of Eddie. Also the dimension where people go whilst playing minecraft.

Dimension 123 = Urny's dimension, and a place of wonder and vast technology (apparently). It is slowly being taken over by EvilUrny, who originates from Dimension999.

Dimension 515 = The number of edits FirePyre has whilst documenting this dimension, which, conveniently, is a wonderful land of flames and witches burning on pyres.

Dimension 666 = A hellish land where the rules are reversed - Venera is a cannibal dictator, Eddie is his mortal enemy and the leader of the resistance, RocketLauncher22 is GrenadeLauncher22, and Redja is a nice guy, as well as even more strange alterations. It is also the original home of Squirtlesmind and FirePyre (me).

Dimension 998 = An entire dimension that is filled with hundreds of clones of SalemMurders, all spamming about being let in on the dimensions page.

Dimension 999 = The end of the known universe, dimension 999 is a subject of much discussion and debate, as well as universal fear. Relatively little is known about it, other than the fact that it is the most dangerous dimension without a doubt, and that most people who go their are jailed by a dangerous and unknown dictator, known as the "Transporter" or are simply banned from ever entering that dimension again.

If you can think of anymore notable dimensions, make sure to leave them in the comments below.