It seems that a lot of players recently have been experiencing a lot more lag than usual today. If you don't know, there's been a new patch release. You can check it out on the wikia. I logged on today and joined a ranked game (which is still in beta), played a game as GF got killed pretty early on by arso (noticed that after 2 maf members died, the members list showed the remaining maf's name twice as both Consort and Mafioso with me and GF); joined another game, received werewolf role and killed someone N2 but game *"froze" in transition from day to night... waited a while before closing the window and attempted to log in again a while later.

  • froze - did not receive error from neither browser nor game, just froze. Animations of in-game characters moved but the Day countdown didn't appear nor anything else...

Attempted at least 5 log ins before getting in. The page stopped while verifying account everytime. Joined 'Any' mode game and asked any other players whether they were experiencing the same and/or lag. Apparently did and pondered if the new patch was responsible. 2 players left the game on the first Day and about 5 or 7 the next day were dead. The game "froze" here. I'm not sure what's going on, just want to put this out there :)

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