This is a rp done between Spicy and I to show how SpicéEclipsa came to be.

I walk into the bar. There's a stranger in there,along with the bartender. "You mind some salad too? This is sorta a resturaunt,right?" He asked. The bartender shakes his head. "Damn. And here I thought I could do away with my sorrows of breaking up with Sondz...." He sits back in his chair and sips some White Russian. I sit next to his table. " favorite." He says. He takes out her phone. "He must be new. I've never seen them,and I see everyone." I mumble. He looks through his phone. "Why do I have 30 messages from Haw? Jesus fuckin' hell..."."Maybe it's because of you supposedly edit racking." I mutter. He looks around. "The fuck?" He looks at his phone again. "I swear,the shoulder devil is onto me.."