There once was a man named Frank, and he had a pencil called Joey. He just called it Joey, and it could not talk, and had no outstanding traits... that he knew of. One day, he dropped a pencil into the desk, and he could not get it out. As the pencil fell, he appeared in a magical world where everything can talk, and it is a super cool place. After this, he knew he was in for a magical adventure...


"Ugh... Where am I?" Joey did not know where he was, and while he rubbed his eraser for a bit, he quickly realized something. "Wait, I can talk? Cool! Now I can tell Frank to stop sharpening me!" Of course, then he realized he did not know where Frank was. So, he began hopping to a nearby house, which was made of dust. He was incredibly confused about how it held together, but he decided to hop on in. Inside, he saw another pencil, and some dust people. They had a pet dust bunny. So, Joey asked them all where they were. Of course, the pencil answered first. "Hello. I'm Yeargi. I think it is best to explain this all to you over some dust stew. Trust me. It's grosser than it sounds."


Joey was trying the dust stew, and was amazed that, in fact, it was grosser than it sounded. Nevertheless, he still ate it, knowing this made the family happy. At that moment, Joey said to all of them, "So, I'm Joey. Nice to meet you. Hey, where are we, and what are your names?" Joey was looking up, when he heard a voice from down below. "Hewya! Iw'm TWIMMY! Noiwce to mweet ya! Yay!" The Writer was immediatly annoyed, and decided that Timmy would never be in the story again. Then, the tallest one talked. "Hello good sir. I am Pertrubus. I am one of the chief guards of the kingdom of dust. Pleased to meet your aquaintance." Finally, his wife talked. "Hi, I'm Grumbus. I am the wife of the chief guard of the kingdom of dust, and he is AMAZING! Our darling son, my husband, and I make the perfect combo! Anyways, welcome to the dust kingdom."

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