aka DuckGamer123 (duh)

  • I live in In my house
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is Godfather
  • I am Duck
  • DuckGamer123


                            Chapter 1:

                         Toriel's Horror

    Flowey immediately meets the human, and the human kills them right away. Toriel sees this, and, in horror, runs from the Ruins into Snowdin town. She immmediatly bump into Sans, and she tells him what happened. Sans jokingly shows appreciation to the human for killing Flowey, but he knows that he has to warn Papyrus. He tells Papyrus, and he says that this is a very serious situation, and that he should not try to stop the human. Papyrus decides to believe Sans, and he goes to Undyne to see if she can stop the human. Sans comes with him, and tells them both about the determination of the human. They both know that they cannot defeat the human with the power…

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  • DuckGamer123


    There once was a man named Frank, and he had a pencil called Joey. He just called it Joey, and it could not talk, and had no outstanding traits... that he knew of. One day, he dropped a pencil into the desk, and he could not get it out. As the pencil fell, he appeared in a magical world where everything can talk, and it is a super cool place. After this, he knew he was in for a magical adventure...


    "Ugh... Where am I?" Joey did not know where he was, and while he rubbed his eraser for a bit, he quickly realized something. "Wait, I can talk? Cool! Now I can tell Frank to stop sharpening me!" Of course, then he realized he did not know where Frank was. So, he began hopping to a nearby house, which…

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  • DuckGamer123

    Snickers + Undertale

    February 18, 2017 by DuckGamer123


    Sans: *hands Chara a snickers*

    Chara: What is this?

    Sans: Chocolate.

    Chara: CHOCOLATE!!! *eats the snickers bar*

    Suddenly, Chara is gone and Frisk is there.

    Frisk: What.. happened?

    Sans: You aren't you when you're hungry.

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