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Cult of Loggies

This is a minigame created by the community. This is where each player name themselves “Loggy” with a letter at the end (Eg. LoggyA). This can be played with any number of party members. In this Game mode Loggies rule all. They have supreme vision and will decide who is guilty and innocent.


1.       Everyone Playing as the Loggy side must Name themselves appropriately. There should be a  Loggy with each consecutive letter of the alphabet, starting with LoggyA

For example



LoggyC ....etc.

2.       Anyone Not named Loggy is likely to be suspicious and should be killed as soon as possible regardless of role.

3.       Anyone Named Loggy that is not following Rule 1 and has chosen their own letter unfortunately is an imposter. If the imposter votes with the rest Loggies he may not be noticed. However if he votes against Loggies he will likely be killed by the true Loggy gods.

4.       If you are not a Loggy there is still hope, If you Submit to the Loggies ( assuming you haven’t insulted them) you will be spared. You can submit to the Loggies simply by saying “I SUBMIT TO THE LOGGIES”

5.       If someone Submits to the Loggies, you must vote innocent, regardless of whether you are a Loggy or not. If you do not vote the same way as the rest of the True Loggies you will be killed next.

6.       If there is a known jester that is not a Loggy, then they must be killed as soon as possible. All players must vote guilty Including the Loggies. The Jester then may kill whoever they wish with no consequences.

7.       On Night 3 If LoggyH has a killing role he becomes the Loggy Heratic. It then becomes his role to Kill as many Loggies as possible.

8.       If you start the game as an Executioner you must ask the Mafia to kill your target. If your Target is a Loggy However, you may attempt to tell people to lynch the Loggy 

An example of Loggies is here

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