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    Cult Of Loggies

    August 11, 2015 by Drooodle1r5

    DISCLAIMER: This page is not made by me, the real page is about to get deleted.  The real page isn't a real ToS Gamemode, so that's why.

    Cult of Loggies

    This is a minigame created by the community. This is where each player name themselves “Loggy” with a letter at the end (Eg. LoggyA). This can be played with any number of party members. In this Game mode Loggies rule all. They have supreme vision and will decide who is guilty and innocent.


    1.       Everyone Playing as the Loggy side must Name themselves appropriately. There should be a  Loggy with each consecutive letter of the alphabet, starting with LoggyA

    For example



    LoggyC ....etc.

    2.       Anyone Not named Loggy is likely to be suspicious and should be killed as soon as po…

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