aka Stormy

  • I live in Aint talking ):U
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is Animator, artist, writer, freak :P
  • I am a girl ;D
  • Deforrested

    I blame my sis

    September 4, 2016 by Deforrested

    And they voted inno. So I voted guilty. And they voted inno. And then they voted inno again. And I voted guilty, and then they voted inno. And then I voted guilty, then I voted guilty, they voted inno both times. And then I voted guilty and they voted inno. This went on for several days. And then I voted guilty, and then they voted inno. And then the sun went down, and then I got sad. I used a scroll, and then I got attacked at night. And then I woke up, and then I accused them again and I voted guilty, and then they voted inno. they voted inno again, then I voted guilty and I lynched someone, but it wasn’t what I was going for, so I guess that didn’t count. I got attacked again. Used another scroll. I had a dream that lynching my target. …

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  • Deforrested

    Whooo first blog post at eleven pm whoo

    also someone made up the idea but im too tired to search it up ill do it later

    Just ignore this for now~

    "Your target gives away lots of painkillers to whoever needs it. They must be a doctor!"

    "Your target is inflicted with a curse, which could help the town if they weren't so bent on killing everyone that visits them. The town and the target. They must be a werewolf!"

    "Your target would be a very overpowered role if they weren't blind. They must be a Lookout!"

    "Your target is insane, the best, and insanely better then your role. They must be a Serial Killer!"

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