No matter how many times I refresh the page, it just "connects to server" and then "error"s my face off. It's all started with this 1.2 update. Something's not right.

I know there is a conspiracy against me here, I know the Mafia know they can't be my awesome skills, I'll find them, and force it to work! Yes, I'll show them that they can't stop me, all Nuetral roles shall pale in my EPIC SKILLS AT TOWN OF SALEM I'LL EXECUTE THE LOT OF THEM HOW WILL THEY LIKE THAT ILL MAKE A ROLE AND CALL IT THE ANTI CONSPARCY AND IT WILL KILl ALLL OF THEM AND NONE OF THEM WILL BE LEFT BECAUSE IM THE GREATEST AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM PLAYING-

-Oh wait it's working. Hm. Er, I'll get back to this. Later.

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