• Cxl1024

    Role Idea

    April 4, 2016 by Cxl1024

    Role: Idolizer

    Alignment: Neutral(Evil)

    Immunities: Yes until idol dies.

    Summary: A crazed fan who idolizes a serial killer or an arsonist.

    Abilities: Take on the role of your idol after they die. Your idol will always be either a Serial Killer or an Arsonist.

    Attributes: You are immune unless your idol dies. If they die, you become a serial killer or an arsonist, but you are no longer immune.

    Goal: Lynch everyone who would oppose your idol, and/or kill everyone if you become a serial killer or arsonist.

    Wins with Serial Killer, Witch, Survivor if serial killer or idolizer

    Wins with Arsonist, Witch, Survivor if arsonist or idolizer

    Must kill Town, Mafia, Vampires, Werewolf, and Arsonists if Serial Killer or idolizer.

    Must kill Town, Mafia, Vampires,…

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