if any of my ideas are OP in anyway let me know and I will tweak it. I don't want my ideas to be OP. If one of my ideas are impossible to code or are just stupid let me know.

Zi dere, I am Crazyzombi168. I decided to move my Ideas list from the ToS Forums to here. I love creating ideas for any game, so yeah. 

Role Name: Terrorist

Role Alignment: Neutral Killing

Description: A demolition expert, who seeks destruction.

Goal/Wins with:

-Live to see the town blow up.

Must kill Town. Must kill Mafia. Must kill Serial Killers. Must kill Arsonists  Must kill Werewolves  Win with Witches. Win with Survivors.


-Blow up someone with one of your bombs

Special Attributes:

-People blown up will not show their role and last will. Instead everyone will get a clue similar to an Investigator. (like [name] worked with knifes ect).

-You only have 3 bombs

-You will make a 1 bomb every 3 nights.

-You can not be killed at night.

Notification text:

-Sheriff Notes: Your target is the Terrorist! -Investigator notes: Your target smells like gas. They are either an Arsonist, Transporter or Terrorist. -Consiglire notes: Your target seeks ultimate destruction. They must be the Terrorist! -Being blown up the Terrorist: You were blown up by one of the Terrorists bombs! -Making a new bomb: You made a new bomb!

Story/Lore: Coming soon.


Win 1, 5, 10, 25 times as the Terroist.

Blow up a Serial Killer.

Blow up an Arsonist. 

Blow up the Godfather.

Blow up a Werewolf on a fullmoon.

Reason for idea: This was my first role idea. I guess I just wanted to make one .

Debatable Things in Mind:

-Making 2 bombs in 4 nights.

Additional Information:

-People who visit your target do not get blown up.

-Your bombs ignore night immunity 

-The Terrorist is a unique role.

Role Name: Mailer

Role Alignment: Town Support

Description: A secret messenger, who mails people info in secret.

Goal/Wins with:

Lynch every criminal and evil doer.

Win with Town Must kill Mafia Must kill Serial Killers Must kill Arsonists Must kill Werewolves Must kill Witches Win with Survivors


-Mail someone each night

Special Attributes:

-Your target will read the mail the next day.

-Your mail cannot be seen by a Spy unless a Spy is your target.

Notification text:

Sheriff Notes: NS.

Investigator Notes: IDK xD.

Consiglire Notes: Your target sends mail secretly. They must be a Mailer!

Being mailed: A mailer gave you mail!

Story/Lore: Coming soon.


-Win 1, 5, 10, 25 games as Mailer.

-Mail someone.

-Mail a person who died the night you mailed them on.

-Mail an opposing faction.

-Mail a Mailer.

Reason for Idea:

I wanted to make a role that could send people info without a whisper.

Debatable Things in Mind:

-If this role should be Neutral Benign 

Role Name: Suicider

Goal/Win With: -Get killed at night.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: A person in depression, who wants to be killed in a certain way.


-You can take off your immunity by crying 2 times.


-If you get killed at night while crying, you will be able to haunt of your killers the next night.

-If you are killed by a role that ignored night immunity without crying, you will not be able to haunt. And will be unable to win.

-If you run out of your 2 cries, you will become a Jester.

Special Attributes:

-Your haunting ignores night immunity.

-If you get killed at night while crying, you win.

Notification Text:

Sheriff Notes: NS

Investigator Notes: Your target enjoys tricking people. They must be a Disguiser, Jester or Suicider.

Consiglire Notes: Your target suffers from depression. They must be a Suicider!

Getting yourself killed while crying: You have successfully died while crying!

The Suicider Announcement: Someone will die from killing an innocent soul tonight.


Win 1, 5, 10, 25 times as Suicider.

Reason for idea: I wanted to make a type of Jester, who instead dies at night.

Debatable Things in Mind: If you should not be immune at all.

Trivia: The cancelled Trickster would of been the EXE version of this.

More commeth soon.

Roles to come next: Note: They might get canceled. Private Eye (used to be Detective) Troll.

Canceled: President. Trickster.

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