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  • Crazyzombie168

    if any of my ideas are OP in anyway let me know and I will tweak it. I don't want my ideas to be OP. If one of my ideas are impossible to code or are just stupid let me know.

    Zi dere, I am Crazyzombi168. I decided to move my Ideas list from the ToS Forums to here. I love creating ideas for any game, so yeah. 

    Role Name: Terrorist

    Role Alignment: Neutral Killing

    Description: A demolition expert, who seeks destruction.

    Goal/Wins with:

    -Live to see the town blow up.

    Must kill Town. Must kill Mafia. Must kill Serial Killers. Must kill Arsonists  Must kill Werewolves  Win with Witches. Win with Survivors.


    -Blow up someone with one of your bombs

    Special Attributes:

    -People blown up will not show their role and last will. Instead everyone will get a c…

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