Many things happen in ToS, from insane ignitions, to clutch mayor wins. But what Actually happens in the Town of Salem - what had happened to the jester to cause him into this grief, how does the lynchings affect the normal townie's life, and how does an amnesiac actually remember that he/she is another role?

Firstly, why am I talking about this? I'll answer that. Encouraged by a previous thread, I want to make a FULL story on a single game in Town of Salem. Show the emotions that run through each of them, the drama, the guilt, and the celebrations executioners do after they win.

Now you're wondering: "Hey that sounds cool, but what's with the title?". I'll answer that too!

I need help with this.

Of course, writing a novel needs a great, creative idea on what happens in the storyline, and I got Nothing! Well, I do have some ideas. But the rest lies up to you - what do you guys want to happen in The Town Of Salem?


Main Characters: An Investigator and A Consigliere (A story of twins, a town, and death.)

Side Characters:

Game mode:

Major events (E.g Doctor heals):

Minor Events (E.g Not noticing the lookout watching you):

Who wins: Town (1 Vote)

Descriptive sentences (E.g Metaphors, Personifications):

Rejected Things: Escort/Consort scenes (a side character can be Roleblocked, but there will be nothing describing the scene).


Thanks for reading, and please help me :)

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