• Calllack

    Analysis - Crusader

    May 26, 2017 by Calllack

    Balance (difficulty)

    The Crusader, I think, will make the game much more difficult for Town at first, then later it will be better for them and worse for the evil roles.

    In essence what the Town has been given by this role is a Veteran who can move around and alert in a different place each night. This is great because it means the eponymous (does that even make sense in context?) 'vetbait' is no longer necessary. Instead, the Crusader has to make the decision about which role is more likely to bait in evils.

    The problem is that, with people unused to the new roles or even to the game itself, they will try to visit someone who they think is in danger every night, as if they were an old TP. This means that lots of innocent townies will get kil…

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  • Calllack

    New roles analysis

    May 21, 2017 by Calllack

    This analysis will look at the effects of the new roles added in the Coven expansion on the complexity and difficulty of the game for all roles and factions.


    I've decided to start with this one because it's an easy one. Psychic is a huge boon to the Town - or it appears so on first inspection. By being able to find a confirmed Town member every other night, they can easily gain a trusted ally or partner. As you probably know this is really, really useful for finding the scum because you can pool ideas.

    However, it won't take long - in fact it may be beginning already - before scum roles start imitating Psychics. Psychic is one of the easiest roles to create a fake will for now. And it is Town Investigative. That means it will be a pop…

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