So i dont want to sound bitchy but they are so dumb, they are worth the same amount as town points and the only down side is that they cant buy new things (which is a huge dick move). I want to state that i am 5 town points away from being able to buy a pet i want... 5... thats a single loss... i dont really care about that because i think its kind off funny but i do care about the silver coins thing. i would like the ability to atleast convert my gold couns into silver ones. because i will never buy town points so i will never get those last 5. and alot of people will have town points that they will now never use. Btw allowing this wont lose you guys anymoney and will make players less mad about this

TL:DR i just want the ability to convert a town point into 4 merit points or like make acheivments give tp.

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