There have been some questions that I, and other Administrators and Moderators that have been asked multiple times regarding on how the Town of Salem Wiki functions and other things work. His blog will include the questions that we have been asked.

Q: I see "Confirmed Town" and "New Editor" on my profile. What does that mean?

A: A New Editor is an editor who has made less than two mainspace edits (edits to articles), and has been with us for two days. The tag is removed after being with us for more than 48 hours and made more than 2 mainspace edits.

A Confirmed Town is how the wiki calls an AUTOCONFIRMED USER. An Autoconfirmed User is a registered user who has made an edit, and been with WIKIA for 4 days (meaning you have had a registered account for 4 days anywhere on the Wikia Network). 

An Autoconfirmed User may edit semi-protected pages, and they no longer need to go through a captcha when inserting external links not within this Wiki. What is a captcha? You know those tests that give you a word to type in to prove you are not a robot? Those are captchas.

Q: I see some role tags beside some users. What does that mean?

A: The tags beside some users' names are for the ToS Wiki Staff. It represents their highest rank.

Role Tag Rank
Retributionist Rollback
Spy Chat Moderator
Bodyguard Discussions Moderator
Jailor Admin
Mayor Bureaucrat

I will update this to include more questions later.