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aka I shall go By Betty Paris (A ToS Person)

  • I live in Scotland
  • I was born on May 16
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  • Betty Paris

    Character Idea(s)

    April 2, 2015 by Betty Paris

    Role Name Mime

    Alignment Neutral Benign

    Summary A character who wants to be able to impress his audience (the town) By catcing out an Evil Role. And getting themm Lynched

    Goal Get an Evil Killing class lynched. To impress his audience.

    Has Night Ability? Yes

    Abilities Mime one person each night. You will take the role of the person you mime into your own hands. The person you mime will be role blocked.

    Good Things about this role If you choose to mime a mafia member of the serial killer for example. They will be role blocked and you will find out that they are an evil role! However you are still working with the town when you mime somebody even if you mime a killing class.

    Bad Things about this role If you decide to mime someone and they happen to be the …

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  • Betty Paris

    Hello, I Go under the name Of Betty Paris. ( Well at least I do here I'm going to be starting an interactive Fan-Fiction for none other than Town Of Salem

    I'd like your guys opinions

    ~ Betty


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