Hi. I am called Iain. My job is to go around different towns and help different groups with their 'problems'.

Today, I was cursed by a witch and forced to visit a town. My objective? To kill all the town members. I win with anyone else. However, people in this town had names that seemed to relate to the Harry Potter series. Like Draco Malfoy, or Voldemort. Draco really caught my attention in this town, actually, due to not only his name but his house (he had a bouncy castle...I need to buy one of them!).

So the town met and went to bed (after some roleplaying between the Harry Potter characters) and I made Voldemort attack Draco.

And then Voldemort was dead. Killed by a Sk. So I sent Draco a little whisper, stating that I know of his role and would like to team.

Another night gone. This time I sent Draco after Harry. However, in the morning, Harry wasn't dead and the Sk had killed someone else. So, I sent Draco another whisper, expressing my embarassment at getting his role wrong. Worst moment of my life...

The next day, after no succesful luck to find the Sk, I asked Draco if he remembered me from Hogwarts; from Transfiguration. He said no. That was it. My revenge would be sweet.

So for the next 2 nights I got different people to try to kill Draco, but I could not find the Sk or an of the Mafia killing class. I had almost given up when one of the townies said who the Sk was. I tested it on Draco. It was indeed true. I was overjoyed. That brat got what was coming to him.

But his death note made me sick to my stomach. "Iain, I'm going to bed tonight, wanna Slytherin'?". I felt so guilty. Not only that but the Sk was lynched. I was out of options, out of ideas.

But then the last townie was killed and I had won with the Mafia. I was excited to leave that God-forsaken town. I will alwats remember you, Draco.

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