• BWikiaP

    Welcome to my journey

    September 3, 2014 by BWikiaP

    Hi. I am called Iain. My job is to go around different towns and help different groups with their 'problems'.

    Today, I was cursed by a witch and forced to visit a town. My objective? To kill all the town members. I win with anyone else. However, people in this town had names that seemed to relate to the Harry Potter series. Like Draco Malfoy, or Voldemort. Draco really caught my attention in this town, actually, due to not only his name but his house (he had a bouncy castle...I need to buy one of them!).

    So the town met and went to bed (after some roleplaying between the Harry Potter characters) and I made Voldemort attack Draco.

    And then Voldemort was dead. Killed by a Sk. So I sent Draco a little whisper, stating that I know of his role and…

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