What is Town of Chaos? Edit

It is my own custom campaign for town of salem. It basically is hard mode. There is a lot of difficulty for any team. After all there is only 5 town 4 mafia 2 serial killers 2 arsonists and a witch and a werewolf.

Role list Edit

  • Mayor
  • Sherrif
  • Jailor/Medium
  • Two vigilantes
  • Godfather
  • Mafioso
  • Framer
  • Blackmailer
  • Werewolf
  • Witch
  • 2 Arsonists
  • 2 Serial Killers

Why so little town? Edit

I made sure to put it so the town is not the protagonist. This is strictly a point of view mode. Once I start revealing the back story you will understand.

You said Campaign Edit

I did because here is the cool part. You can assemble a whole group of 15 to play. Also I will be releasing follow up campaigns for many of the victories.

The place in the timeline Edit

Town of chaos is going to be the first of many many in the timeline. Of course I will eventually have prequels and sequels for the outcome.

Friendly Help modes Edit

Grab 14 online friends because you have to seige a custom server. You can play 2 ways.

Mafia Soul (perma death) Edit

Ok listen I can not solidify your role and stuff but I can do the following. In Mafia Soul anyone who dies not loses but dies will leave the campaign . They have to start from scratch again.

Friendly Retro(Same group always) Edit

Or you can play friendly retro where if you die you can come back in the next part your choice.

Yes this is point of view Edit

In Town of chaos if anyone is bad it would be the town. You see the mayor in this is a little on the loco side(all will be explauined in the back story.

Strategy(feel free to put anything you have learned) Edit

Stories(share it all) Edit

Suggestions( You can help improve this) Edit

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