• Alphaphin0915

    It is my own custom campaign for town of salem. It basically is hard mode. There is a lot of difficulty for any team. After all there is only 5 town 4 mafia 2 serial killers 2 arsonists and a witch and a werewolf.

    • Mayor
    • Sherrif
    • Jailor/Medium
    • Two vigilantes
    • Godfather
    • Mafioso
    • Framer
    • Blackmailer
    • Werewolf
    • Witch
    • 2 Arsonists
    • 2 Serial Killers

    I made sure to put it so the town is not the protagonist. This is strictly a point of view mode. Once I start revealing the back story you will understand.

    I did because here is the cool part. You can assemble a whole group of 15 to play. Also I will be releasing follow up campaigns for many of the victories.

    Town of chaos is going to be the first of many many in the timeline. Of course I will eventually have prequels and …

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