The story continues here:

It was the third day into Addfire and Eclipsa's battle. Most of the town had hoped up in the library, the one place that neither would touch, but outside? It was a war zone. Most houses were either burning or completely gone. The bar was missing it's ceiling. There was a hole where FirePyre's bakery used to be. Walking along the streets was akin to a death sentence, unless you were extremely trusted.

Eclipsa and Addfire were battling over the remains of Unrealname123's house. Eclipsa summoned spear after spear, hurtling them with deadly force and accuracy. Addfire blocked each one with her whirling scimitars. Eclipsa summoned a new spear, twice the size of her body, and with a graceful spin sent another one at Addfire.

Addfire barely had time to bend backwards to dodge, when a second spear almost took out her legs, stopped by chance only at the last minute by an errant scimitar. Eclipsa growled, readying another spear, but Addfire had blinked out of existence already.

She stalked back to her current hideout, HAWAIIANpikachu's house, stepping over the mangled bodies of anons who were caught in the original carnage. She opened the door when she was startled by a tap on the back. She whirled around, a new spear in hand, but immediately eased up. It was Desert.

"Desert," she sighed. "What are you doing out here? It's dangerous..."

He nodded. "Yeah..." He was about to finish his sentence, but Eclipsa started noticing things. Desert never paused in his sentences, and... Was he didn't something behind his back?

Her train of thought was interrupted by the point of a blade nicking her cheek. In what she had thought was Desert's place was Addfire, rage in her eyes and a katar strapped to her hand. "Dangerous for you!" She finished, attacking furiously.

Eclipsa attempted to back into her house, but Addfire beat her to the door. With Eclipsa's intended escape route blocked, she did the only thing she could: jump. Misleadingly slender legs propelled her body across the block, landing her on a rooftop. Furiously, Addfire jumped from ruined building to ruined building, trying to follow.

Without knowing, the two lead themselves to the front of the library, steel clashing against crystal, again and again. Spicy peeked out.

"Hey, perhaps you two coul-" An errant spear went through his ribcage and pinned him to the wall. "Agh, why is it always the ribs?" He muttered.

Zed pushed through the watching crowd and fired his gun in the air three times.

"Listen, I know you guys have a blood feud or whatever, but... Not at the library, okay?"

They both looked at their enemy once, then slunk away into the night.

Eclipsa was sprawled on her bed, the mattress comfortably plush. Mm, she thought, Admins live the life . She began to descend into sleep.

Chengsa looked down at her sleeping friend. She had never known that one small disagreement between the two shippers could destroy the town. But she had been sent on a mission to pacify the pearlescent fighter, and she would succeed. She waited a couple hours - best for Eclipsa to be well-rested when she woke up - then gently nudged Eclipsa.

In a moment, she was up against the wall, a spear pressed against her throat.

"You fooled me yesterday, Addfire," growled Eclipsa. "But while hiding in the form of one of my best friends is cowardly, it won't save your life."

"No!" Pleaded Chengsa. "It's me!"

"Oh yeah? Prove it." Challenged Eclipsa. "What's something only you would know about me?"

Chengsa swallowed. A bead of sweat trickled down her forehead.

"Time's up," her aggressor grinned. "Sorry, Addfire, bu-"


Each town holds it's own universe. Someone might be called HAWAIIAN in one town and Krissy in another and Elodie in yet another. Eclipsa might be called Eclipsa here, but in the town of Steven U she was known as Snowy and in the town of Meep she was called Green. The town of Salem, however, was the only town she had found that didn't have Sam, her eternal enemy and persuer.

Warily, she lowered her spear. "What is it you want, Cheng?"

"The admins have sent me and some other people to calm you two down. In case you haven't noticed, one argument between you two destroyed two thirds of the town!"

"... She betrayed my trust."

"And you betrayed hers! And it wasn't even that big of a deal!"

"F- fine. I'll... Talk with her. But if she, or anyone, pulls anything..."

"Don't worry. I promise, that won't happen."

Addfire paced through her house. She was still unsure how she and Eclipsa's relationship had deteriorated so quickly, but wasn't going to stop being mad at her without good reason. Then she stopped pacing. There was someone in her house.

She sprinted to her living room and overturned a couch, revealing the control panel there. Uli had installed one in every house- one of the advantages of being a mod. Iron bars sprang up in front of the windows, the front door remotely locked, and all the lights went off, replaced by red emergency ones. This was her house, and Eclipsa wasn't going down without a fight!

Addfire spotted something moving up the stairs. Stealthily, she followed it into the bathroom. Unsheathing her katar, she quietly pushed open the door...

To reveal nothing. She whirled around, jabbing her katar. Nothing. She was about to mark it up to the fact that she hadn't slept in three days when something cleared it's throat.

This time, she didn't miss. The katar went straight through the intruder. Ghosty delicately stepped to the side of the katar that had tried to cut him open... But he was a whisp, nothing short of an exorcism would kill him. Or, you know, if he wanted to leave this plane of existence. Like that was gonna happen. Addfire, for a moment, saw a burnt guillotine. She shrugged it off.

"Why are you here, Ghosty?" She accused.

He coughed. "Um, in case you haven't noticed, my house is one of the ones that you guys destroyed! If I was corporeal, I would slap you! But nope. Today I'm here to tell you that you and Eclipsa need to kiss & make up."

Addfire was silent.

"Oh, c'mon! You guys leveled, what, a third of the town because you were both really eager to see Rocket and Shadow kiss? What the hell is this?"

She retracted her katar. "Fine. I'll... Talk to her. But if she even tries to attack me once-"

"Say no more, my volatile friend."

Addfire and Eclipsa carefully walked into the bar the next morning. One of the anons watching literally died of fright. The tension in the room was so thick it practically obscured the vision.

They tried to glare at each other. But deep down, inside, each one was glad that the mayhem was over, that they could rebuild. That maybe- just maybe- this could all end peacefully.

Eclipsa walked over to Addfire, and put her right hand on Addfire's heart.

"This could have ended many ways," she began.

And then it all went to hell.

An anon, excited by the prospect of finally leaving the damn bar, threw his drink in exaltation-

Where it hit one of Uli's drones, there as a last-ditch option-

And the drone accidentally started firing-

And one of the bullets grazed Eclipsa-

And she summoned her spear-

Straight through Addfire's heart.

Addfire coughed up some blood, looking up at a horrified Eclipsa.

"You... Hate me that much?"

Eclipsa tried to make excuses. Addfire began to laugh. A hacking cough at first, hampered by the fact that one of her lungs was punctured. Then a full-fledged, maniacal laugh. That's when Chengsa saw it. The blood spreading through Addfire's shirt wasn't blood anymore. It was chlorophyll.

"Uh... Guys..." She whispered. But no one heard.

Addfire's laughter became louder, until her laugh was the only thing heard. Then she stopped laughing. She grinned, and wiped away some of the blood from her face.

Or at least, that's what everyone thought she was doing. Eclipsa was the first to see that Addfire had bitten into her hand, tearing away the skin. She started clawing at her skin, until it began to slough off, a snake, molting. Underneath the skin wasn't raw muscle, but instead vines. Heaps of them. And right where the head would be... Was a potato. And it had a face.

The spear had gone right through this vaguely humanoid body, with not a vine harmed.

"Well then," grinned Addfire. Except it wasn't Addfire anymore.

"Most of y'all are new here, my friends, so I'll introduce myself! The name's Potatokuma, your friendly neighborhood mass murderer. Or, as you all might wanna call me...

"The architect of your new hell.

"I'll see ya around! Have fun cowering in fear, praying that somehow you can get ol' Addfire back! UPUPUPUPUPUPUPUPUPUPU!"

The entire amalgamation dissolved into the dirt, and for a moment, there wasn't a sound.

"Welp," began Yami. "I think we can safely say we're fucked."

Anons began to stream out of the bar, seeing I they could get out of the town, but vines had grown over the gate. Nothing had been harmed... Yet.

They all went to sleep that night, somehow.

When they woke up, they realized that some were missing.

Uli took note of every absent librarian.

  • Octometaknight
  • Zedkiller13
  • Yes I'm Single
  • ShadowxCookie
  • SpicyboiFelix
  • Playful Trickster 101
  • VeneraSurvivalGuid101
  • Minecraftstyle09
  • FirePyre
  • EclipsaButterfly

Then Vertroyer tapped Uli on the shoulder.

"Yes? This better be important, ten of our librarians have been abducted by that horrible creature..."

"Sir, I apologize, but you should take a look at that garden."

Uli glanced over to the far-off garden. It seemed normal, with it's arboretum, greenhouse, and brown stone spire...


Brown stone spire?

Uli put a hand to his ear, turning on the microphones that every librarian had in their ears.

"Hello, everyone. I'm in need of some helpers to help keep our town from being destroyed..."

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