Rex was at the bar, drowning his sorrows. Or, at least, that's what he had told Addfire when she pried. The thing was, he'd been sent a letter, and the contents of it interested him. He was reaching for another glass of root beer (he didn't touch spirits) when the door was going open. Standing in the doorway were some users, main space editors the lot of 'em. As FiretigerisMLG and Shadowlyncher slid into seats next to him, KiplaVastri blocked others from entering the bar with a large broadsword.

"So I see you're here," began Shadowlyncher, his form flickering about. Some joked that he was the son of a displacer beast. "Interested in what we have to say?"

"You never explained what you had to say," retorted Rex. "Just a cryptic message with a time and place."

"Well, your ego must be destroyed," Firetiger's oily voice joined the conversation as he shifted the weight of is semi-automatic shotgun from hand to hand. "I mean, killed in the second round by your best friend? Must smart..."

"What's your point?" Rex was fighting to keep a growl out of his voice. His hand inched towards his lance.

"The point is, Uli rigged this thing! It's obviously an ego trip to show us all how awesome at everything the mods are... Except it was between you and HAWAIIAN and HAWAIIAN was favored. Anons have been on the bottom for too long, but with some help from the inside we might actually do something!"

Rex's eye roll was almost audible. "Oh yeah, sure... What's your real aim? You wanna start a fight, why grab me?"

"Because you're good at fighting!" This time it was Shadowlyncher.

"And why did you think I would ever help you?"

The bar quieted. Rex slowly looked around and realised that every other patron in the bar was an anon. And each was armed.

"Your guess is as good as any..."

Rex's hand was on his lance now, praying for Addfire to come back with the updated bracket she'd gone out to gather.

"... But maybe it's because we outnumber you sixty-three to one?"

Addfire pushed open the door to the bar, looking at the updated bracket. She chuckled at the fact that YIS and Octo would need to fight... And looked down. She had stepped on what was once an anon but was now in four pieces. Various bits of body parts had been strewn throughout the bar. Addfire counted twenty separate anons, most clutching some kind of weapon as they became concentrated towards one stool. Splayed over the stool was Rex, one eye open and glassy and the other closed. His hands were in a deadlock around his trusty lance, which was smeared with gore. He was faintly bleeding from his leg.

Addfire took a mirror out of her pocket and held it under his mouth, sighing in relief as it fogged over.

Addfire threw up.

Then she took out her phone and dialed Uli.

"Hello? Yeah, just wanted you to know that we're in the shit."

She clicked off the phone and carried Rex out of the bar.

IMG 2080

Octo watched as HAWAIIAN walked out of the waiting area warily, lead by Desert. I wonder what that's about, he mused to himself. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Chengsha.

"Oh, am I up?" He asked. She nodded. He checked to make sure his gun had full ammo, then walked out into the arena. He couldn't quite make out his opponent, seeing just a hazy silhouette through the dust and fog. He aimed his trusty AMT Hardballer and fired off two shots to gauge the ability of his enemy.

The figure barely moved, and the bullets hit the wall behind. Octo grimaced, his aim had been off. He walked a little closer, shooting again. Again, he missed, with his target not moving. Then, his target lobbed a projectile.

It was... A bomb? He saw it spin through the air and analyzed every detail he could. It was lime green, or not exactly that, the shade of green on a dollar bill. It was slightly elongated, and about the size of Octo's forearm. Octo moved to the side, watching the bomb hit the ground and explode on impact. It left a crater, and a sizeable one too.

Three more bombs were suddenly hurtling towards him. Octo shot each one, seeing them explode in midair, then running through the cloud of detritus that obscured his vision, closing his eyes. He slammed into his opponent, gun to the enemy's forehead.

Octo opened his eyes to see who he was to fight... His adversary was YIS. His husband. Octo's jaw dropped.

"Octo? What are you... Did you shoot at me?" YIS' tone was mildly accusatory.

"Well, you threw bombs at me!"

"I didn't know that you were... You!"

"Well neither did I!"

Octo grimaced, and turned away for a moment, writing something on a pad of paper. YIS started to speak, but Octo cut him off with a raised finger. Using some double sided duct-tape, he taped the paper to YIS' shirt. YIS looked down to see what it said. Octo shot him through the head.

When he wakes up, he'll understand, Octo told himself. The paper should explain everything...

Octo walked off the platform against a sea of jeering spectators.

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