Mechanics Edit

A Town Protective role, the Trapper has the ability to place traps at a player’s house that will trigger on any visit. If the visiting player intended harm, the trap will use a Powerful attack against the player and reveal the role of the player visiting. If the visit did not harm the player then it will trigger only revealing the role of the player visiting. It takes one night to build a trap so you can never place a trap on night one. Traps persist until they are activated by a role visiting, or deactivated by the Trapper. The Trapper dying does not deactivate their trap. If you're roleblocked while building a trap, you must wait another night to set your trap.

  • Your trap remains until they are triggered.
  • Your trap has no negative effects on peaceful townies, however they do perform a Powerful attack to harmful visitors like a Vigilante.
  • Your trap will give a Powerful Defense to your target.
  • Your trap can trigger and attack the night you have set it up.
  • You will know the roles who visited your trapped target.

Strategies Edit

  • Unlike Crusader, you can protect confirmed Townies without harming any other Townies, as long as a Vigilante would not shoot them. Therefore, you are a great protector of all important roles.

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