This page lists the users who have staff rights on the Town of Salem wiki. These rights include the ability to promote other users, or the ability to edit board threads that others cannot. Please do not message any inactive users; you will most likely not receive a response.

Please note that we are currently not accepting applications to bring on more staff. If there is a need for more staff members, users will be approached by a Bureaucrat. For now, please do not ask to be promoted.

Rights for staff include:

Chat Moderator: Can ban or kick others on the Live! Chat. (Shown as a Spy)

Rollback: Can revert all edits from one user back to the last user who edited a page. Shown as a (Retributionist)

Discussion Moderator: Can delete, move, or edit all board threads. (Shown as a Bodyguard)

Content Moderator: Can access and edit all pages, along with having the rights as a Discussion Moderator. (Shown as a Bodyguard)

Administrator: Can block or ban people, and can promote others to Chat Moderator and Discussion Moderator. Shown as a (Jailor)

Bureaucrat: Can promote anyone to any possible staff right, and can change the whole outlook of the wiki. Shown as a (Mayor)

Founder: All the rights as a Bureaucrat, but has the ability to delete or rename the entire wiki. Shown as a (Mayor)

List of Town of Salem Wiki Staff

Avatar Username (Forum) Description Wikia Staff Positions Wiki Status
Addfire Avatar
Addfire A very happy chat mod who will become vicious if you are a vandal/troll/make the FireFighter role. And a silly goose. Chat Moderator Active
Screenshot 2017-04-13 at 6.58.35 PM
Rocketlauncher22 Rocket, the never-ending avatar changer, will always tap dance his way to the chat if you ever need him. If you ever need something done on the chat, just ask him. If you see a spammer, tell Rocket and he will of course vest the chat and accuse the vandal as the spammer. After all, who wouldn't listen to the survivor? Chat Moderator
GhostyFlareEruption Avatar
GhostyFlareEruption Ghosty is a good fan of Town of Salem. His favorite role is Jester. He is a complete patrol, but he can be there for his friends. He's really friendly, so feel free to have a talk with him. Any vandals? No problem. Call upon Ghosty and he shall bring the mighty star rod to send them away. Discussions Moderator
Thumb d04d20e7-43af-4c27-902b-5a466ed9dc58
Vertroyer Your "friendly" killer robot neighbour! Vertroyer is one of the worst that could happen to your role ideas, so you'd better be prepared for that rejection scythe that's gonna reap across your neck. This robot can also do absurd things in a debate of whatever you want when he's unleashed, so don't be scared to open one up with him if you dare. Don't forget to hide your role ideas and keep them safe, for he'll spell death to them if they have a flaw. Discussions Moderator
Chat Moderator
Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 9.16.10 AM
ZedKiller13 Zed strolls around the wiki at randomized times per day, be it to constantly change the wording or fix grammar on the mainspace, or to remove any useless comments or vandalism. He is also the guy to go to if you need a quick change or addition to your flair in the CSS code. He can also be found toying around the wiki games. Administrator
HAWAIIAN's Town of Salem avatar
HAWAIIAN-pikachu HAWAIIAN is a Role Reviewer and a Vandal Hunter who has played over 1,000 games of ToS. He'll make sure that vandals don't keep their act up for long as he quickly undoes their edits and rats them out with haste. He is generally nice to everyone on this Wikia, so don't be afraid to ask questions as this consigliere knows what's up! Administrator
Rexanator3000 Rex is one to be lurking on the Wiki at odd times of the day, editing up a storm. He can be found anywhere from the Role Ideas Board, to the comments and message boards, to the pages themselves, and even in the Wiki's chat, but he finds the most pride in letting some vandal know that their edit only took half a minute to be reverted. Administrator
Thumb f774fc79-0d6d-4f43-bd18-78bf6a737092
Ulithemuli Uli is usually sneaking around at night, checking if there are any unanswered questions or unfixed pages. If you have ideas how to improve the look and feel of ToS wiki, post him a message! Administrator
Thumb 06f2f3f6-c08a-4591-89ca-041f7c06a169
Naru2008 is the current supervising bureaucrat of the wiki, an Administrator for the game, and a Global Moderator for the forums. You may contact him on his message wall or send him a Private Message on the forums. Bureaucrat
Thumb 7e97f9b3-c37b-4521-ba39-c5a3a362dc59
Octometaknight Octometaknight is the technical administrator of Town Of Salem Wiki! If you have any CSS concerns, he is the one to go to! Administrator
Thumb f2f2d350-1f96-4893-924a-f09eb6f6dd53
Roseofwales helped spread the community by having it in different languages! Bureaucrat
Thumb 5ef50296-a185-4c24-802d-ca00a275208c
TurdPile has been with this Wiki since its first days! He is an Administrator for the game. Bureaucrat
TheOneCloudMan The founder of this wiki. Founder

Who should I message?

I have a question about Town of Salem mechanics/gameplay.

If your question concerns a specific role in the game, please take a look at the corresponding role page. If that doesn't help, write your question in the Talk section of that specific page.

There is a bug in the game I would like to report.

Please take a look in the Bug Report Forum. If you do not see a similar thread already posted, feel free to post yours, but be sure to do so in the correct area (i.e: Mobile goes in Mobile Bugs, etc.)

I have a question about the Town of Salem rules.

Please take a look at the Town of Salem Rules. If that doesn't help, write your question in the Talk section of that page.

There are questionable or vandalizing edits on a wiki page which should be reverted.

If you know how to revert an edit, go ahead and help out! If you aren't sure, write a message to any user with access to the Rollback feature (this includes anyone listed above). However, if you simply disagree with the edit, and it isn't vandalizing, simply use the Talk section of the page in question to bring attention to the edit and discuss if it should stay, be changed a little, or completely removed. Simply because you disagree with an edit doesn't mean you should remove it completely.

A comment on a wiki page should be edited/removed or a whole thread should be locked, so nobody else can add to it.

Please ask a Moderator or an Administrator and send them a link to the page.

A message or a thread on a message wall should be edited/removed.

Please ask a Moderator or an Administrator and send them a link to the thread.

A wiki user is repeatedly spamming/vandalizing the chat.

Please alert a Chat Moderator or an Administrator.

Something should be changed on a wiki page, but it is locked.

Please ask a Moderator or an Administrator about your suggestion.

A wiki user is repeatedly vandalizing or making questionable edits to wiki pages, comment sections or message walls.

Please alert an Administrator and send them a link to the vandalized content.

Something major should be changed about Town of Salem Wiki.

Please ask an Administrator about your suggestion.

A wiki user has done a great job helping out and should be promoted.

Please ask an Administrator or a Bureaucrat about your suggestion.

I want to know more about what the Wiki Staff does.

Please take a look at Town of Salem Wiki:Administrators. If you have further questions, ask an Administrator.

List of Previous Town of Salem Wiki Staff

Username Rank
Arckas Administrator
Birdyluv0 Discussions Moderator
BobbytheBlobby Content Moderator
Dongarinos Chat Moderator
ElStar4Ever Rollback
Enderitem Administrator
FirePyre Discussions Moderator
Nellyfox Rollback
Venera651 Chat Moderator
Xt0rt3r Administrator
yami riku Bureaucrat
MattBab4 Rollback

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