The Townie of the Month award, created by BobbytheBlobby, is an award given to a user each month chosen by the community. This is the title where the community can choose who they think deserves the award to be the honored user of this Wiki!

For the whole month, you may either nominate or vote someone to be the Townie of the Month. The following questions will tell you how to operate and vote for your TotM!
Townie of the Month 1

How do I nominate?

  • Nominate in the Townie of the Month board.
  • By nominating, you will start a new thread titled (Username)'s Nomination. For example, if you want to nominate HAWAIIANpikachu, you will start a thread titled "HAWAIIANpikachu's Nomination (month and year)". Be sure to type in the user's full username and the current month and year. You may nominate yourself. On top of that, you may also write a description why you think that person should be Townie of the Month.
  • You must be AUTOCONFIRMED to nominate a person.
  • You cannot remove your nomination for a person.

P.S. Before nominating someone else, make sure you have their permission!

How do I vote?

  • Did someone already nominate your star? That is okay! You may vote for them instead! To vote, you may write either a "/vote" or a "/support" in the board where the nomination took place. You may also make a description on why they should be ToTM. However, if you oppose someone being ToTM, please do not write an description for opposing them, and say you oppose. Just simply don't vote for them.
  • You must be autoconfirmed in order to vote a person.
  • You cannot remove your vote for a person.
  • You have one vote and one nomination. A nomination does not mean you have to vote for that user.

Note: Any votes that are towards users that aren't eligible are immediately re-funded and can be used on someone else. A nomination is final and cannot be removed, unless the person nominated wants to be removed from the race.

Note: A vote will only count if it is posted DURING the month of people running, not before if they did a pre-nomination. It also MUST be posted INSIDE of the thread, not anywhere else unless they ask a person to POST the vote in the thread. If someone is not eligible to vote and has applied votes, the SECOND they become eligible the voters must apply a /revote, or the votes are not counted.

What requirements does a nominee require to be nominated?

  • All Wiki Staff can not be nominated, but they are allowed to vote.
  • The nominee cannot have won the award for the last 3 months.
  • The nominee must be a registered, autoconfirmed user. (A registered and confirmed email)
  • The nominee must not have a large history of blocks, bans, vandalizing edits, or anything similar. Exceptions do include depending on the time of the ban or the severity of the vandalizing edit.
  • The nominee must have at least 20 edits to be eligible.
  • Edits that count must either be located in five different areas:
    • Mainspace: Making quality edits to the pages on the wiki. They must be of quality, changing one template, word, or anything minor without stating it does not count! Every mainspace edit is worth a credit!
    • Role Ideas: Reviews for Role Ideas do count. They must be a logical review and does not lower the morale of the submitter. Saying only "Rejected" or "I don't like it." is not helpful to the idea and the submitter and does not count! Each thread-based role review is worth one credit. Multiple posts to the same review do not count, unless it is another fully reviewed and detailed review. This is to prevent easy credits.
      • Every role idea credit is based on the thread and the response. You may post five times in one thread, but you only earn one credit. Your response cannot only be: "its way too overpowered debuff it and maybe ill reconsider" or anything like that, without valid reasoning or a real review. If you are following along with someone else post, it counts if it's a good, detailed review. Otherwise, the first poster wins all.
    • Ask Questions: Answering questions that give the person who asked them a good idea of the question and is a helpful response counts towards eligibility. Each question asked and answered in good detail is worth one credit. If multiple questions are asked on one thread, and they are answered, whoever answered them first wins all.
    • Organizing or Creating Community Ideas/Activities: Anything that can help support the wiki and give people ideas based on your idea does count. Roleplays, board threads that aren't relevant, or anything else in particular does not count.
    • Debate of the Week: Posts in DoTW count as helpful edits. However, they must be of good quality. This means you can't just agree or disagree with someone else without backing your opinion up, you must make a valid point. Each valid point used is worth a credit.

How long does this process last?

Voting begins at the start of a new month and it closes once that month has ended. Whoever has the most votes will win the race and receive a "Townie of the Month" flair by their username. Once that current month ends and someone else wins, the user can talk to an Administrator who can change their flair to represent either a role in the game or anything they desire on that flair, along with their choice of an emoji next to it.

Previous Winners of the Award

Session Username
June 2016 Rexanator3000
July 2016 360NOSCOPESWEG (Jim Holden)
August 2016 Vertroyer
September 2016 Squirtlesmind
October 2016 Venera651
November 2016 Playful Trickster 101
December 2016 FirePyre
January 2017 ChickenPieNuggetz
February 2017 GhostyFlareEruption
March 2017 DesertStorm11
April 2017 Sondz1911
May 2017 SpicyJusticeLass
June 2017 Chengsha
July 2017 ShadowxCookie
August 2017 RubikJohn
September 2017 Jmskilz
October 2017 Jallybwan
November 2017 ProfessorArceus

December 2017


January 2018 No Winner Decided
February 2018 Thatsmuggamer
March 2018 NoCarbonRequired
April 2018 SpacedefenderX
May 2018 TownofSalemMurders
June 2018 MewSeeko