Town Support are the group of people in the Town who can contribute with ancillary abilities that do not fit into the other subcategories of TowniesTown Killing, Town Protective, or Town Investigative. It should be noted that these roles can cause or prevent death at night, or gather non-circumstantial information, but never via themselves directly, nor with complete certainty.

Due to the peculiar nature of this alignment, Town Support roles can often prove themselves through the use of their telling abilities, which is useful information for the Town to use. It also makes it harder for evils to claim, such as a Transporter or Mayor.

Town Support all have messages along with their abilities (Seance message, Mayor's reveal, transported message, revival message, and role blocking message).

Town Support tend to have the most impact in the late-game as once they have information they can devastate with one some of the most powerful abilities in the game (an Escort could prevent the Mafia from killing, or a Mayor with severe voting power, where as the Sheriff has little utility past night 6).

On the other hand, if used incorrectly, some Town Support can devastate the Town. (e.g. an Escort could continuously prevent a Sheriff from gathering information).

General StrategyEdit

  • If you have an ability that has a noticable effect (i.e. Transporter and Escort), in any game with a Town majority, it is a good idea to use your abilities so that Town knows your role exists.
  • Town Supports tend to be very effect late game rather than early game. Mediums and Retributionists spike in the middle, but all other roles are incredibly useful late game. Keep this in mind.
  • Evils normally won't kill off Town Supports before any other Town alignments, with the exception of Mayor, to claiming as a Town Support, especially Medium, is unlikely to result in your immediate death,

For specific strategy on each Town Support, visit the invidual roles below.


"Someone occupied your night. You were roleblocked!": Escort's Target

"(Player) has revealed themselves as the Mayor!": Mayor's Reveal

"You have opened a communication with the living!": Medium using a Seance

"A Medium is talking to you!": Medium's Seance Target

"You have been revived by a Retributionist!": Retributionist's Target

"You have been transported to another location.": Transporter's Targets

Town SupportEdit

Role Name Role Description
Escort Distract someone each night to block them from using their night ability. If you role block a Serial Killer or a Werewolf on a full moon, you will be killed. You cannot be role-blocked by Consorts, fellow Escorts, or Pirates.
Mayor When you reveal yourself as the Mayor, your vote counts as 3 votes. However, you will not be able to be healed by a Doctor, or be able to receive/send whispers.
Medium Speak with the dead at night to gather information. When you die, you can seance someone. Seances can only be used once.
Retributionist Resurrect a town member from the dead, once. You can not revive a cleaned/stoned Town member. If a Disguiser dies as a Townie, you are able to select them to be revived, but they will not be revived nor be notified.
Transporter Choose two people to transport at night, including yourself. You are not able to transport the same person twice. You can not transport anyone in jail, be role-blocked by an Escort or a Consort, or controlled by a Witch.

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