Town Protective (TP) is the alignment of protective roles that are sided with the Townies.  Their main function is to protect other members of the Town, either by saving their life, sacrificing themselves to kill an evil role, or killing the attacker. (ex: Bodyguard kills the attacker and also gets killed themselves unless healed by a role such as the Doctor.)

The existence of this alignment is crucial in setting the evil-doers back by posing a threat, protecting important Town members such as the Mayor, and turning every night into a battle of wits among the protective roles and the evil-doers. It is important for roles of this alignment to anticipate the victim of each night and understand the risk in not protecting obvious options, like any confirmed Town role, especially roles such as the Jailor or Mayor. Currently, only four roles exist in this alignment: Doctor, Bodyguard, Crusader and Trapper. In the classic version, only the Bodyguard and Doctor are available to play.

Some Town Protective roles also have the ability to save themselves once every game, such as the Bodyguard and Doctor. This makes them a bit more difficult to deal with even if their identity has been compromised. However, you must use them wisely, as you only have one chance. If wasted, you may be killed later on. 

Note: Although the Guardian Angel acts as a Town Protective role to their target, it is considered a Neutral Benign. This is because its target never changes, it doesn't bring direct harm to other roles, and their target potentially could be evil. Guardian Angel is also a sense of an anti-Executioner, with the difference being that its target is not always a Townie

General StrategyEdit

  • Generally, protecting the most obvious confirmed Town is the best option. While it is true that evils are unlikely to kill the most obvious target for protection, in almost all cases the cost of losing that important Town isn't worth taking the risk. (But beware, a Vampire might bite them, because a strategy for them is to bite the most confirmed Town so everyone else won't suspect them) Just be careful of having too many town protectives on one person, when more people could be protected.
    • However, the Mayor cannot be healed by the Doctor once revealed. Beware if the Doctor is the only Town Protective, as you will be an open target once revealed.
  • Finding another Town Protective and protecting each other is a valuable tactic. Such example is a Doctor-Bodyguard combo. If the Bodyguard is attacked, the Doctor will heal them. If the Doctor is attacked, the Bodyguard will fight off the attacker, and the Doctor will save them from death.
    • However, this takes away Town Protectives from other Roles that are important, like a Jailor.

For specific strategies on each Town Protective, visit the individual roles below.

Messages received when saved:

"You were attacked but someone nursed you back to health!" Doctor's target.  If the Doctor self-healed, this will appear too.

"Your target was attacked last night!" Doctor's message.

"You were attacked but someone protected you!" Crusader's target.

"You attacked someone visiting your target!" Crusader's message.

"You were attacked but someone fought off your attacker!" Bodyguard's target.

"You were killed protecting your target!" Bodyguard's message.

"You were attacked but a trap protected you!" Trapper's target.

"You triggered a trap!" Trapper's victim.

Town ProtectiveEdit

Role Name Role Description
Bodyguard Protect a person from death each night. Your target is given a Powerful Defense. You will deal a Powerful Attack to an attacker on your target, but you will sacrifice yourself. You have one bulletproof vest, granting you Basic Defense for the night.
Doctor Heal one person each night.
If they are attacked, you will heal them, granting them Powerful Defense for a night.
You can not heal the Mayor once revealed, or anyone attacked by an Unstoppable Attack, such as an Arsonist igniting, or a Jester's haunt. You have one self-heal.
Crusader Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Protect one person during the night. You will grant your target Powerful Defense and you will deal a Basic Attack to any visitor to your target at random. You will not attack Vampires, but you will block them.

Trapper Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

You may set up a trap at another player's house. Traps take one day to build, and you can tear them down by selecting yourself. Anyone caught in a trap will reveal their role to you, and you will deal a Powerful Attack to an attacker.

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