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The Town Killing are, as its name states, the group of people in the Town who can potentially kill evil-doers at night. Even though the Townies primarily utilize lynch trials during the day to eliminate evil-doers, Town Killing roles' ability can serve as a complement or alternative to the lynching, which in turn can allow the Town to win rapidly with a majority, or comeback as a minority.

Unlike the killers from other factions, Town Killing roles only have limited killing actions available each game and some tend to be reprimanded when innocent roles are wrongfully killed by them. It is thus important to use their ability at the right time. Only a Vigilante and the Jailor will suffer from killing an innocent.

This alignment has 2 Unique roles, the Jailor and the Veteran. These unique roles are also special in that they both bypass Night Immunity. (The only other role that's unique and bypasses Night Immunity is the Werewolf.) This means that both the Veteran and the Jailor can potentially win the game as the last man standing.

Additionally, because the existence of Town Killers is easily confirmed whenever they kill, having only two non-unique roles makes it rather easy to deduce the alignment slot. Claiming this slot as a evil doer is thus typically the last resort. However, Veteran and Vigilante are the most common claims for the Mafioso, because they fit in their investigation result and are moderately hard to disprove.

Town KillingEdit

Role name Role Description
Jailor Choose someone each day to jail for the night. You can choose to execute them, bypassing Night Immunity. Jailing a Serial Killer or Werewolf on a full moon without executing will result in them killing you.
Vampire Hunter Check for Vampires each night, staking them if you find one or if they visit you.
Veteran Decide whether or not to be alert during the night. On alert, you will kill all your visitors. A Werewolf will kill you even on alert, but the Werewolf will die too.
Vigilante Choose to take justice in your own hands and shoot someone.

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