Town Investigative is the alignment of investigative individuals who are sided with the Townies. They are able to gather information on the roles or actions of other players, which would eventually help them judge which players are their friends, enemies, and possible detractors. It is important for these roles to have a sense of urgency, and to speak up when the Town is about to lose due to lack of information. Deciding the best moment to reveal will be just as important in deducing who the evil-doers are. A rookie mistake when playing these roles, is to stay silent the whole game even though what the rookie knows could win the game for the Town, simply due to fear of death from nightly visits. All Town Investigative roles need to understand their death can be a valuable sacrifice when certain amount of information is at hand, and realize other members of the Town needs information to be truly useful, sometimes even by saving the brave Town Investigative. Additionally, this alignment should always keep a will, because when you die, the remaining Townies gain a lot of info from what you have found so far. The worst thing that could happen to a Town Investigative role is: to be cleaned by a Janitor, to die on night one and have no Retributionist or to be forged by a Forger, so just be careful when someone else gets cleaned in the graveyard, and get your information out soon.

On the other hand, many roles who oppose the Town are heavily incentivised to pretend to be a Town Investigative role - it is the easiest alignment to claim, as information can easily be faked and it provides wiggle room when thought to be suspicious. Evil roles like to do this to spread misinformation and potentially lead the Town to lynch someone who is irrelevant or even innocent. A Town Investigative must understand that the Town may doubt the legitimacy of their claim because of this, and may need to convince the Town they are who they claim to be.

Town InvestigativeEdit

Role Name Role Description
Sheriff Check one person each night for suspicious activity. You are able to find all Mafia members except the Godfather, all of the Coven (without the Necronomicon), and the Serial Killer and Werewolf (on a full moon).
Investigator Investigate someone each night for a hint of their role. You will be given three to five possible roles that your target may be, such as a Framer, Vampire, or Jester.
Spy Watch who the Mafia and Coven visit at night and 'bug' someone to see all actions that happened against them.
Lookout Watch someone at night to see who visits them.
Tracker Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Track one person at night to see who they visit.

Psychic Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Receive a vision every night. On odd nights (1,3,5, etc. nights) you will receive a vision of three players, at least one is evil. On even (2,4,6, etc. nights) nights you will receive a vision of two players, at least one is good. Evil roles include anything except a Townie or Neutral Benign, while good roles include those.

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