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The Townies are the "good" side of Town of Salem. Their aim is to "lynch every criminal and evil-doer", essentially rival factions that harm the Town. These include: The Mafia, The Coven, Neutral Chaos, and Neutral Killing roles (the Witch needs to be lynched if a Vigilante with bullets left is still alive). Note that while most Neutral Evil roles do not need to be killed, it is often best to do so due to their freedom; they could be an extra vote against the Town. Usually, the only reason to keep them alive is when the Town desperately needs one more vote. To that end, each innocent townsfolk contributes with varied abilities according to their roles, which are categorized into the Town Investigative, Town Killing, Town Protective, and Town Support alignments.

Compared to the other factions, the Town's primary method of elimination is by lynching the evil-doers in trial, due to their relative size in membership, as well as the abundance of intelligence gathering roles. Using the correct information and using the Townies' majority, the evil-doers will be lynched after voting.

This doesn't mean the Townies lack the ability to directly kill their enemies, nor does it mean they are sitting ducks waiting to be killed should the lynching not go as smoothly as planned. The Town Killing and Town Protective roles are there precisely for this reason. But these roles can't reliably win the game for their fellow Townies, so active and accurate lynchings are still very much desired and needed to win games.

It is thus crucial for the Townies to accurately parse the truths from the lies, which their enemies will no doubt spread. It is also important for them to act and not be passive at trials before they lose their majority to the evil-doers; as innocent Town die every night, their doom draws ever nearer.

List of Town RolesEdit

Here are the list of Town roles, each page goes into more detail about what each one does, but a brief description is provided here:

Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description
Achievement Bodyguard
Town Protective Choose someone to protect at night. You grant them Powerful defense. You and one attacker will fight and kill each other.
Achievement Crusader
Town Protective Protect someone each night. You grant them Powerful defense, and deal a Basic attack to one visitor at random.
Achievement Doctor
Town Protective Heal one person each night. You grant them Powerful defense.
Achievement Escort
Town Support Distract someone each night. Role-blocking a Serial Killer or Werewolf on a Full Moon will force them to kill you.
Achievement Investigator
Town Investigative Investigate someone for a clue to their role. Arsonists, Hex Masters, and Framers can throw off your results.
Jailor 12
Achievement Jailor
Town Killing Choose someone each day to jail for the night. You can execute them, dealing an Unstoppable attack. Failing to execute a Serial Killer or Werewolf on a Full Moon forces them to kill you.
Achievement Lookout
Town Investigative Watch someone at night to see who visits them.
Mayor 12
Achievement Mayor
Town Support Choose when to reveal yourself each day. Your vote will become three, but you can't be healed by a Doctor anymore.
Achievement Medium
Town Support Speak with the dead at night. Seance a living player once to speak with them the following night. You may only seance when you are dead.
Achievement Psychic
Town Investigative Will be given three player names every non-Full Moon night, at least one of which will be evil. Will be given two player names every Full Moon night, at least one of which will be good.
Retributionist 12
Achievement Retributionist
Town Support Bring a Townie back from the dead. You may only resurrect 1 person per game.
Achievement Sheriff
Town Investigative Check one person each night for suspicious activity. A Framer can disrupt your results.
Achievement Spy
Town Investigative Choose who to "bug" each night. You see all actions that happen to them. You see who the Mafia and Coven visit each night.
Achievement Tracker
Town Investigative Watch someone at night to see who they visit.
Transporter 1
Achievement Transporter
Town Support Choose two people to switch places with each other at night. You may transport yourself.
Achievement Trapper
Town Protective Choose who to set up a trap at their house. Any visitors to that target reveals their role, and any attackers are dealt a Powerful attack. Traps take one day to set up.
Vampire Hunter
Achievement Vampire Hunter
Town Killing Check for Vampires each night, killing them if you visit them or they visit you. You become a Vigilante with one bullet if all Vampires die.
Veteran 2
Achievement Veteran
Town Killing Decide whether or not to alert during the night. On alert, you deal a Powerful attack to your visitors. You can alert three times.
Achievement Vigilante
Town Killing Choose to take justice in your own hands and shoot someone. If you shoot a Townie, you will commit suicide over the guilt the next night. You only have 3 bullets, and you can't shoot night one.

1 Easily confirmable Town roles

2 Unique Town roles


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