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Alignment - Mafia Deception

Attributes : Deceive the town into thinking that they are non existent roles

   Methods of death                                                                              Players
 1.   Serial killer                                                                              Player 1
 2.   Arsonist                                                                                   Player 2
 3.   Werewolf                                                                                   Player 3
 4.   Vigilante                                                                                  Player 4
 5.    Veteran                                                                                   Player 5
 6.    Jailor                                                                                    Player 6
 7.    Jester                                                                                    Player 7
 8.    Vampire hunter                                                                            Player 8
                                                                                                 Player 9
                                                                                                 Player 10
                                                                                                 Player 11
                                                                                                 Player 12
                                                                                                 Player 13
                                                                                                 Player 14
                                                                                                 Player 15

For example. Lets say night 1 the prankster chooses Johnathan Corwin as his target and the Mafioso is going to kill john as well . The Prankster could choose for his death to be perceived as a serial killer the next morning this could create chaos and a random search for a non existent serial killer


For example. The town has accused a vigilante of being a Mafioso but he claims "I'm vigilante I will shoot Sarah as proof " He does shoot Sarah but the prankster has other plans to make it look like a arsonist has doused an incinerated Sarah This could lead the town into thinking the vigilante is a phony


If the godfather killed Samuel Seawall night 1 and the prankster decides to say he died by a vigilante This could cause the town to think there might be a witch this could also backfire if its a townie and the vigilante does not die of guilt

Pros : Easily fool town into looking for absent killing roles,

Fool the town to lynch absent killers

Pretend to be one of the killing roles like vigilante or Jailor

Cons: Target may not be killed,

Information might not add up revealing there's a prankster ( Ex William Phillips was executed by Jailor night 1)

If your target dies he will know he has been visited by a Prankster


!Boom! Crows start to flee as a loud shot could be heard from a distance . This didn't bother the mafia but the prankster had other plans he leaped from his desk and dashed at full speed toward the noise till he arrived he was at the Doctors house this man had already been killed by the Vigilante. Perfect!! He thought. He picked up the Doctors medical knife , He took his last breath as he stared at the crazed maniac . The Prankster flashed him a smile and stabbed the already dead man in the chest. He repeatedly stabbed the man One , Two , Three , four each one bringing him more joy than the last until the gun wound eventually seemed like stab wounds. The next morning The town uncovers the old man to be the doctor the town also agrees these wounds could only be the work of a serial killer the town begins to panic the Vigilante is worried what the town will think of him and the Prankster is happily smiling . Night has fallen once more the Prankster hears a loud shot he dashes to the sound till he finally arrived at the Vigilantes house the man had shot himself. The next morning the town is shocked to see the Vigilante had shot himself for no reason the town began to panic even more even the body guard was scared. The prankster laughed to him self.He admired his work he had tricked the whole town even the sheriff. Once again the town has fallen victim to another prank

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