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Taunts were introduced in Version 1.5.11. Taunts allow players to anonymously cause an animation to appear to playfully tease or as by their name, taunt a target.

  • Taunts may be purchased in the shop for 50 Town Points.
  • A player may own up to 100 of one taunt.
  • Taunts do not need to be equipped. They are already equipped for you.
  • Taunts are a one-time use, which last for the remainder of the day if used in the daytime, or the remainder of the night if used in the nighttime.
  • If a player who was taunted is voted to go on trial, the taunt's effects on that player immediately vanish.
  • All players in the match will see the animation.
  • Clicking on a player's avatar or on a player's name in the list of players will open up a menu of available taunts which may be delivered.
  • Taunts can be performed during the Discussion Phase and during the Night Phase.
  • Players can taunt themselves if they are alive.
  • Jailed targets can taunt.
  • Dead players can taunt alive players.
  • A player may only be taunted once per day and once per night, however, the same player can taunt multiple players at a time.
  • Many players use taunts to call targets at nighttime.

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