Spy Head Important Notice:
The Spy now has a new ability! The Spy can now "bug" a house to see all actions that happened to them at night, whether it be a Doctor's heal or a Mafia attack!

Swift as the wind, the ex-ninja ran through the streets of Salem, entering a black forest. He dashed through the woods, graceful as a cheetah, until he saw a light ahead. He slowed down and expertly hid in a tree, silent as a thought. With the aid of his acute sense of hearing, he listened to the Mafia members discussing their future plans of terror and murder. The Spy clenched his hands, knowing that he could kill a man in thirty five different ways... but he couldn't. This was a group of armed men, and he was merely a weaponless man with some knowledge on killing. No - it would be better to let the town know who the perpetrators are, so that they could dispose of them instead.

In the daytime, those who he expected to die were lying on the ground, dispatched, in front of their houses. The Spy walked around, listening to everybody talk, knowing what everyone was whispering about. Using this information, he was able to judge who sounded like who... and who was part of the Mafia. (credit)


  • If you are controlled, you will bug the Witch/Coven Leader's second target but you will still be able to see Mafia/Coven visits.
  • When you are role blocked, jailed, or dead, you cannot bug a player's house and will not get to see who the Mafia/Coven visit.
  • The last member of the Mafia visiting is the Mafia Killing attacking someone. (may be changed after the update, not confirmed.)
  • As a Spy, you do not have the ability to hear whispers anymore, however the Blackmailer can still hear whispers.
  • You do not have the ability to read the Mafia chat at night anymore.
  • Spies have the ability to 'bug' someone each night, seeing the messages that person would see from actions such as being doused, transported, or healed.
    • Bugs are not affected by Transporters. Even if the person bugged is transported, the bug will stay on the original target, and the Spy receives the same results on the initial visit.
    • Spies are not affected by Veterans. If the Veteran is alert when they are bugged, the Spy will not be killed by the Veteran.

Bugging MessagesEdit

When a Spy uses their night ability to bug someone, they'll see messages from the following list for appropriate events:

  • Your target was transported to another location.
  • Someone occupied your target's night. They were role blocked!
  • Someone threatened to reveal your target's secrets. They were blackmailed!
  • Your target was attacked but someone fought off their attacker!
  • Your target was attacked but someone nursed them back to health!
  • Your target was attacked by a member of the Mafia!
  • Your target was attacked by a Serial Killer!
  • Your target was shot by a Vigilante!
  • Your target was set on fire by an Arsonist!
  • Your target was shot by the Veteran they visited!
  • Your target was killed protecting someone!
  • Your target's target was attacked last night!
  • An Arsonist tried to douse your target but a Bodyguard fought off the attack!
  • Your target has cleaned the gasoline off of themself.
  • Your target was murdered by the Serial Killer they visited!
  • A Bodyguard attacked your target but someone nursed them back to health!
  • A Bodyguard attacked your target but someone fought them off!
  • Your target was killed by a Bodyguard!
  • Someone attacked your target but their defense was too strong!
  • Someone tried to role block your target but they were immune!
  • Your target was controlled by a Witch!
  • A Witch tried to control your target but they were immune.
  • Your target was haunted by the Jester and committed suicide!
  • Your target was attacked but their bulletproof vest saved them!
  • Someone tried to attack your alert target and failed!
  • Your target shot themselves over the guilt of killing a Town member!
  • Someone role blocked your target, so your target attacked them!
  • Your target was killed by the Serial Killer they jailed.
  • Your target was attacked by a Werewolf!
  • Someone role blocked your target so they stayed at home.
  • Your target was staked by a Vampire Hunter!
  • Your target was staked by the Vampire Hunter they visited!
  • Your target staked the Vampire that attacked them!
  • Your target was attacked by a Vampire!
  • Your target was attacked but someone protected them!
  • Your target was attacked by a Crusader!
  • Your target was attacked by Pestilence!
  • Your target was attacked by the Juggernaut!
  • Your target was attacked but their Guardian Angel saved them!
  • Your target was attacked by a Pirate!
  • Your target's life force was drained by the Coven Leader!
  • Your target was attacked by a Hex Master!
  • Your target was attacked by a Necromancer!
  • Someone tried to poison your target but someone fought them off!
  • Your target was poisoned but someone nursed them back to health!
  • Your target was poisoned. They will die tomorrow unless cured!
  • Your target died to poison!
  • Your target was cured of poison!
  • Your target was poisoned. They will die tomorrow!
  • Your target was turned to stone.
  • Your target was attacked but a trap saved them!
  • Your target was attacked by a Potion Master!
  • Your target jailed Pestilence and was obliterated.
  • A trap attacked your target but someone nursed them back to health!


  • When the Mafia has a Blackmailer, you should try to figure out why the Mafia is trying to keep the blackmailed person quiet. Maybe they blamed the Mafia, and you don't have to reveal yourself as a Spy to point out that someone is blackmailed since you can just say that the person is being quiet and ask them to vote for you if they are blackmailed. Then tell everyone what they said before they were blackmailed.
  • If a Jester is lynched, you may know off the chance if a member of the Mafia/Coven voted guilty, innocent, or abstained.
  • Always keep a detailed will, noting down every night's Mafia and Coven visits. While this is true for any role, the significance of a night's visits often aren't obvious until later in the game. It might be tempting to summarize it into a list of who has / hasn't been visited or a possible number of Mafia, but knowing the precise visits and what night they occurred on can be valuable for catching a Consort or Consigliere, or for interpreting the wills of other players.


  • If you are unable to gather a lot of information but still have some information to contribute, a good time to reveal yourself as a Spy is when you know there are a lot of targets as lots of other roles at this point are a higher priority to kill than the Spy. Otherwise, you should reveal yourself when you have some good information to contribute with, for example, if you know who one of the members of the Mafia/Coven is.

Mafia/Coven VisitsEdit

  • Make sure to keep track of who the Mafia and Coven visit at night, in most cases the visited target will not be a member of the Mafia/Coven. You can use this information to narrow down who could be a member of the Mafia/Coven. However, a Witch/Coven Leader or a Transporter can make a member of the Mafia visit another (if this happens, members of the Mafia will often point out that they were visited by the Mafia, which could give you a lot of information on who the Mafia are.) A Potion Master could also be healing a member of the Coven so watch out for this. If an Amnesiac remembers that they were a member of the Mafia/Coven, they might be among the targets too.
  • If no targets are visited at all, it is very likely that the Godfather or Mafioso was in jail or role blocked. In modes where the number of Mafia can vary significantly, such as All Any, it can also indicate that the Mafia are all dead.
  • If a target is visited repeatedly but is not blackmailed, the Mafia might have a Consort, Disguiser or Framer.
  • If none of the targets die, it is possible that one of the targets was attacked and either had a higher Defense value than said attacker's Attack value or was healed by a Doctor. This is especially true if a target was visited by multiple members of the Mafia (the second being a Forger or a Janitor).
  • Keep track of who the Mafia visit at night and use the process of elimination to find who the members of the Mafia are. Be aware, however, that Transporters and Witches may make the Mafia visit themselves.
  • You can distinguish between Escort and Consort claims by checking to see if the people who were role-blocked were visited by the Mafia on those nights. Consorts cannot easily lie about their visits, since each one produces a message; but they can easily claim Escort if you're not there to catch them.
  • Your list of visits can be extremely effective in combination with a Lookout or Tracker, allowing you to narrow down possible Mafia and Coven members even further:
    • If the Mafia or Coven didn't visit the Lookout's target or whoever the Tracker's target visited, then those visitors cannot be Mafia or Coven, respectively.
    • If the Mafia or Coven did visit that target, then it puts any visitors under suspicion. However, for the Tracker, remember that there may be other visitors you didn't see who could be the actual Mafia or Coven.
  • You can also use the pattern of visits to figure out the role of the Random Mafia member.
    • For example, if one person is visited two times, there is likely a Forger or Janitor in play. If they don't die, they may be healed or have a higher Defense value than the attacker's Attack value.
    • If one person is visited and not killed, then visited and killed, this may point to the presence of a Consigliere. They would have investigated the person, shared their role, and then the Godfather or Mafioso would have decided to kill them. Keep this in mind especially if they are an important Town role, such as Jailor or Mayor, or one that could have found out members of the Mafia, such as Sheriff or Lookout.
    • If one person is being visited repeatedly, this could indicate a Disguiser, Framer, or possibly a Consort who is intent on disguising/framing/role blocking one person. If the victim is claiming role-blocked, it is most likely Consort.


  • With the 'bug' ability, you can now know if someone is lying about what happened to them. You can also find out if someone is immune.
  • Generally speaking, you should bug people who you suspect will lie about or conceal what happened to them at night - in other words, potentially evil roles. There's usually little point in bugging a confirmed Town role, who will reveal what happened to them at night anyway.
    • However, one benefit to bugging Town is that you can use what you see to confirm yourself. For this reason, it's sometimes useful to choose targets the way a Lookout would, and visit whoever you think is most likely to be visited and have an 'exciting' night in general; that will give you information you can later use to confirm that you're a Spy.
  • Remember that some of the information you can gather with bugging is redundant with the information you get from your ability to see Mafia and Coven visits:
    • If someone is repeatedly acting blackmailed, you could theoretically use your bugging to confirm this; however, most of the time you will already know they're telling the truth due to the Mafia visits.
  • There are a few specific messages you can see that are much more important than others and worth actively looking for by targeting people who are likely to get them. These are:
    • The unique messages an Escort, Consort, or Jailor gets when killed by a Serial Killer or (for the Jailor only) a Pestilence they targeted; this will tell you with certainty whether the person they targeted was a Serial Killer or not if they get killed by one. For this reason, it's worthwhile to focus on bugging anyone who claims those roles. Remember, if you're watching them and do not see the unique message when they die to a Serial Killer, that means their target was not a Serial Killer; you will probably have to speak up to save them.
    • If you target a Serial Killer who gets role-blocked, you'll get a special message telling you that they attacked their role-blocker (which instantly outs them as an Serial Killer.) For this reason, it can be useful to watch possible Serial Killers.
    • If your target has night immunity, you'll get a message when they're attacked telling you that. For this reason, it's worth watching people you suspect of having night immunity.
      • Note that while you can make some deductions about immunity with by watching your Mafia and Coven visit reports on a night when they fail to kill, actually bugging a target lets you distinguish between bulletproof vests, healing, and persistent immunity.
    • If you watch an Arsonist who cleans themselves, you'll get a message saying so. This is fairly rare and only happens in games with multiple Arsonists, but it's a reason to watch potential Arsonists in any game that seems to have more than one.
    • The "Control Immunity" message is only ever seen by Transporters. Remember that if you see it and the transportation message, an actual Transporter probably transported your target with themselves.
    • You can tell if the target was transported. This can be vital to preventing mislynches. Remember that if you see that message, it means that your target was changed by the Transporter, too; for instance, if you see that message and an immunity message, it means the Transporter's other target is immune, not the person you intended to target.
    • The 'someone role blocked your target so they stayed at home' message is unique to the Werewolf (as opposed to the more normal 'Someone occupied your target's night. They were role blocked!' message.) However, if you see this message, you will almost certainly die as a result of visiting a Werewolf who was forced to stay home.
    • The "role-block immunity" message is only seen by a few roles: Escort, Consort, Ambusher, Transporter, Veteran, Pirate, Pestilence, Coven Leader, Witch and Necromancer. If you see it, your target is one of the roles on that list. (Of course, if it was Pestilence, you would have died.)
  • While your bugging can be valuable, it is generally less powerful than your ability to see Mafia and Coven visits; additionally, it exposes you to getting killed by a Werewolf, Pestilence, Veteran, Crusader, Ambusher, or Medusa. For this reason, you might consider staying home when those roles are active, especially if you don't have any clear plan in terms of what you're checking for with your bugging.

Trivia Edit

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