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Swift as the wind, the ex-ninja ran through the streets of Salem, entering a black forest. He dashed through the woods, graceful as a cheetah, until he saw a light ahead. He slowed down and expertly hid in a tree, silent as a thought. With the aid of his acute sense of hearing, he listened to the Mafia members discussing their future plans of terror and murder. The Spy clenched his hands, knowing that he could kill a man in thirty five different ways... but he couldn't. This was a group of armed men, and he was merely a weaponless man with some knowledge on killing. No - it would be better to let the town know who the perpetrators are, so that they could dispose of them instead.

In the daytime, those who he expected to die were lying on the ground, dispatched, in front of their houses. The Spy walked around, listening to everybody talk, knowing what everyone was whispering about. Using this information, he was able to judge who sounded like who... and who was part of the Mafia. (credit)


  • You will be able to read all whispers, even if you are dead.
  • When listening to the Mafia talk at night, their names will appear as "Mafia".
  • When role blocked, jailed, or dead, you will still listen to the Mafia talk, but not see who they visit.
  • The Spy keeps most of his abilities while dead, making him very useful to Town if it has a Medium.
  • The last member of the Mafia visiting is the Mafia Killing attacking someone.
  • The Mafia will know you are around by them getting this message: "You feel that someone can hear your conversations". They will hear this even if you are dead.
    • They will not be notified on how many spies there are.


  • If the members of the Mafia call each other by name in their chat, do not rely on these being their actual names, as the Mafia is often trying to trick Spies.
  • This is heavily supported by the fact that the Mafia knows that a Spy is listening to them prior to an Update. if someone says someone else's name, do not trust it at all.
  • When the Mafia has a Blackmailer, you should try to figure out why the Mafia is trying to keep the Blackmailer person quiet. Maybe they blamed the Mafia, and you don't have to reveal yourself as a Spy to point out that someone is Blackmailer since you can just say that the person is being quiet and ask them to for example to vote for you if they are Blackmailer. Then tell everyone what they said before they were Blackmailer.
    • However, keep in mind that if the Mafia predicts that high-priority roles will be too well protected, you could get slaughtered.
  • Pay attention to all whispers, as you will know who sent them, who received them, and what the message is. The smallest details may provide clues to who is a member of the Mafia. Example:
    Player 1:Hey! Remember me?
    Player 2:Yes.
    *Day ends* Mafia: Kill that guy, I know him.
  • Spies are one of the few roles that retains some of their abilities after death; while you no longer see members of the Mafia visit others, you still see what they discuss and can still see whispers. Provided there's a living Medium, you can help the Town in many ways. If nothing else, even reporting the exact contents of unimportant-seeming whispers or a manufactured Spy-test to the Medium can give them a way to prove themselves.
    • Even if there is a dead Medium, you can still give them information for their Medium if there are no other clues.
  • Since it can reveal easily, it often makes sense for the Spy to claim to be a Survivor in order to decrease the chance that they'll be targeted by the Mafia; if the Town tries to hang you, you can easily prove yourself. However, claiming to be a Survivor does increase the risk that you'll be killed by a Vigilante (whose attacks won't leave you a chance to prove yourself) or a Jailor (who might refuse to believe you if you go from claiming to be a Survivor to claiming to be a Spy in jail.)
  • Look out for incorrectly spelled words, such as a member of the Mafia using wrongly such as their or they're, and using the same incorrect usage over and over again. This can lead to you finding a member of the Mafia, but a downside is that the Mafia can pretend to be people by using the same spellings as them.
  • If someone else claims Spy and their claim does not fit in the role list or they weren't visited by the Mafia at all, there's a high chance that they could be a Blackmailer. Write it in your Last Will or call them out, saying that they're a Blackmailer when you can before the Town trusts said person and ends up revealing info to the Mafia.
  • If a Jester is lynched, you may know off the chance if a member Mafia voted guilty, innocent, or abstained. In some cases, the Mafia. That being said, some expert players may pretend to deceive you, and the Mafia may know due to the fact they can find out if there is a Spy or not.
  • Some information from the Mafia can be trusted more than others.
    • If the Mafia names someone as immune, it's often accurate -- the Mafia needs to share information about that in case their killer changes (or, in the case of a Godfather directing the Mafioso, so the Godfather knows not to target that person again), and has no reason to keep information that would lead to rival killers from the Town. If you're not sure, go back over the last day to see if anyone was killed and who the Mafia visited. The Mafia may sometimes use this to try and give themselves cover if the killer was role blocked or jailed, but this is rare.
    • If the Mafia names a living person's role, it's usually a sign that they have a Consigliere. If they name the role or describe the Last Will of a dead person who was cleaned, it's often the Janitor speaking. Again, these can often be trusted because this is information the Mafia sometimes has to prioritize sharing among themselves even at the risk of leaking it to you; and again, information that leads to a rival killer should be taken seriously, since the Mafia has plenty of reason to want to expose them as quickly as possible.
    • That said, never trust anything the Mafia says; consider whether it makes sense in the light of the rest of the information available to you (for instance, if they say someone is a Serial Killer, have there been Serial Killer attacks?)
    • Some Mafia members will talk to you in their night chat directly saying someone was immune or their Consigliere found someone to be Neutral. This is less likely to be trusted than when they talk to other members of the Mafia, but it is still usually right.


  • A "spytest" involves asking people to whisper each other and telling them what they said. Only Spies and Blackmailers can do this, so this easily proves your innocence in most cases and is a useful way to keep yourself alive if you're put on trial. However, if people have been blackmailed during the game, this won't suffice as proof. This is because when a Spy or a Blackmailer is being investigated the Investigator gets the investigative result: Spy, Blackmailer, or Jailor. So there is both a chance that the person might be a Spy, and a chance that the person might be a Blackmailer. So, with both the Spy and the Blackmailer being the only roles that could answer correctly on the spytest, other players won't be able to tell them apart. Even a Last Will with a list of who the Mafia visited and what the Mafia said won't help. If there is a Sheriff in the game, then he could interrogate the other player who claimed the role of Spy. If the Sheriff decides to do so, then he will get the message:"Your target is a member of the mafia.". Although, it's very important that the Blackmailer doesn't find out who the Sheriff is and blackmail him. So, the Sheriff should write down that info in their Last Will. Although the Town should be intelligent enough to lynch or kill the other player who claimed the role of Spy. But the other Spy claim, might rewrite your Last Will for the previous nights and use it as an excuse. If the other players believed him, then, only an alive Sheriff who has interrogated the Spy claim can make the Town believe otherwise. Or a Medium that talked to the dead Sheriff. Or if both are dead, the Medium could use their 1 seance to give the info to a trustworthy player, who would then tell the Town about or write it down in their Last Will.
    • A variation of this strategy can be used if you are dead. If a Medium is being suspected of being a Janitor, the Medium can initiate a spytest and repeat the message the following day. If the whisper happens to go to a Mafia member, there will likely be a short exchange at night about it, too. This not only confirms a Medium, but it has a chance of finding out other Mafia members as well.
  • If you are unable to gather a lot of information but still have some information to contribute, a good time to reveal yourself as a Spy is when you know there are a lot of targets as lots of other roles at this point are a higher priority to kill than the Spy. Otherwise, you should reveal yourself when you have some good information to contribute with, for example, if you know who one of the Mafia is.
  • It is possible, but risky, for a Spy to initiate the same strategy of a Mayor game -- revealing yourself through a Spy-test at any point, demanding roles from everyone, and using that to guide the Town voting. The problem is that without a Mayor's decisive three votes, the rest of the Town is less likely to listen to you. However, you do have the advantage that a Doctor can heal you even after you've confirmed yourself.
  • If there is definitely a Blackmailer, be careful when revealing. Spy is the most common claim for Blackmailers, and many townies won't believe you,

Mafia VisitsEdit

  • Make sure to keep track of who the Mafia visits at night, in most cases the visited target will not be a member of the Mafia. You can use this information to narrow down who could be Mafia. However, a Witch or a Transporter can make a member of the Mafia visit another (if this happens, members of the Mafia will often point out that they were visited by the Mafia, which could give you a lot of information on who the Mafia are.). If an Amnesiac becomes a member of the Mafia, they might be among the targets too.
  • If no targets are visited at all, it is very likely that the Godfather or Mafioso was in jail or role blocked. In modes where the number of Mafia can vary significantly, such as All Any, it can also indicate that the Mafia are all dead.
  • If a target is visited repeatedly but is not blackmailed, the Mafia might have a Consort, Disguiser or Framer.
  • If none of the targets die, it is possible that one of the targets was attacked and either immune or healed by a Doctor. This is especially true if a target was visited by multiple Mafia members (the second being a Forger or a Janitor).

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