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The old west was wild, but it never prepared the Sheriff for what he had to face. On the run from the mafia, the battle-hardened Sheriff knew his only escape was to fly far away from his homeland, and start a new life in the quiet town of Salem. But as he took the long journey by road to this town, the mafia were constantly on his trail. He soon realised that his own business should've stayed his own, because the mafia began to kill an innocent town member each night in an effort to weed him out of hiding. But the Sheriff stood his ground, and knew that surrendering was no option - he had to fight them, and find these evil-doers through the grueling interrogations he performed each night. (credit)


  • You will know if your target is a Werewolf, but only during a Full Moon.
  • You cannot find Detection Immune roles, such as the Godfather, Arsonist, Vampire, all Neutral Evil roles, and the Werewolf during a night without a full moon.
  • If your target was framed in the same night, they will show up as a member of the Mafia.
  • An Arsonist's gas will have no effect in your interrogation.
  • If your target is a Disguiser, they will show up as a member of the Mafia, no matter which role or person they may have disguised as. The Investigator, however, is fooled by whoever he disguises as.
Investigation Message Possible Roles
Your target is not suspicious. all Townies
Amnesiac, Survivor
Executioner, Jester, Witch
Werewolf during odd-numbered nights
Your target is a member of the Mafia! all members of the Mafia except the Godfather and anyone who was visited by a Framer
Your target is a Serial Killer! Serial Killer
Your target is a Werewolf. Werewolf during a Full Moon night


  • Unlike the Investigator, you can only directly determine whether your target is suspicious or not, and not just their possible roles. Sharing information and discussing with the Investigator will allow you to narrow the pool of suspects:
    • If the Investigator finds a possibly suspicious role (e.g. a Doctor, Disguiser or Serial Killer), you should interrogate that person to prove their guilt or innocence.
    • If the Investigator finds a certain Townie (by process of elimination), you will not need to interrogate that person, since they are confirmed and you would waste a night.
    • If the Investigator finds a full detection immune role list (e.g. a Bodyguard, Godfather or Arsonist), you will not need to interrogate that person either because, just like above they will all appear the same.
    • If the Investigator finds a Framer, Vampire or Jester, you should put doubt on your interrogation results, since your target may have been framed. However, if they show up as not suspicious, then they are either a Vampire or Jester, and a Jailor or Vigilante should kill them.
  • If you're lucky enough to find the Serial Killer or a member of the Mafia early in the game, it would be best to stay silent and keep it in your Last Will until about Day 3 or 4. Some Townies (depending on the Game Mode and the players' skill levels) might think you are an Executioner if you accuse someone anytime before then because this is a common strategy that Executioners use.
  • If you suspect a player of being the Werewolf, remember to check them on a Full Moon night. Otherwise, they will appear as not suspicious.
  • A little-used strategy is to coordinate with the Spy, as they can provide confirmed non-members of the Mafia by who the Mafia visits (As the Mafia cannot visit their own members) and therefore, you might want to ignore interrogating these people (Especially if the Neutral Killing is an Arsonist)
  • Careful, multiple evil roles have Detection Immunity, such as the Arsonist, and will appear as "not suspicious". Beware of whom you trust!
    • At any given time, there can only be one Godfather. Therefore, when a Godfather dies, anyone you investigated up until (and including) that night who came up not suspicious cannot be a member of the Mafia. Note that they could still be an Arsonist, Witch, or Vampire; and people you investigate after the Godfather's death could be a Mafioso who has been promoted to the Godfather.
  • Careful, framed players will appear to be a member of the Mafia, so never be too quick to judge who is evil or not. If you aren't sure, check the same person the next night (although this might not be worth it, it is usually better to gain new information that night instead of doing a re-check, unless there is a confirmed Framer). If the Framer does not frame the same target again, your results will change. There are some Framers that will frame the same target for a few nights in a row, so it's very hard to know if your information is true or not. However, in Ranked, if the Random Mafia slot is dead or known to not be a Framer, it is safe to accuse anyone that shows up as a member of the Mafia. The chance of there being a Framer in the Any slot is low enough that the risk is worth it. Keep in mind that it may be a good idea to ask a confirmed Spy who the Mafia visited, as they will usually be able to see who the Mafia might have framed.
  • If a Witch controls you, you will be forced to check a different target without knowing who it is. Hopefully, the Witch will reveal their actions in their Last Will, so then you can find out who you were forced to interrogate the night you were controlled.
  • If a Transporter transports your target, you will interrogate someone else entirely without you knowing! If the Transporter reveals their Last Will, you will know who you interrogated that night! However, if you see that you were controlled or if your target says they were transported the next day, then don't trust the information that you have been given as it is most likely false.
  • Don't reveal your role to the Town too early, and don't accuse someone if they came up as Mafia right off the bat. Instead, wait a little longer, which gives you more time to find other evil roles and keep yourself anonymous. Accusing someone too early or sometimes the wrong person can cause players to think you are an Executioner or even a Consigliere who found a Neutral Killing role. Always accuse when you have enough info, and don't reveal too late either, as doing that when important Town roles are dead will mean nothing.
  • Careful, many evil roles tend to claim to be a Sheriff, so if you are pressed to claim a role, you could get lynched regardless of what you say by an aggressive Town. Be sure to have a good Last Will to improve your odds, but it is no guarantee.
  • If you are certain the only roles left are detection immune roles, such as the Godfather and Arsonist, don't give up! If people trust you, you can direct the Town. It is safe to not visit anyone though, because you could run into a Veteran.

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