Scumreading is one of the most important parts of any good Town. The numbers game is equally important, but more useful to roles like the Vigilante, Jailor, and Mayor to catch evils by surprise who do not have a fake claim ready.

Scumreading Edit

What is scumreading? Edit

Scumreading is the ability to analyse someone's actions and claims, as well as the way they write and talk, to determine whether or not they are evil. For example:

The Death Note that the Mafia have been writing is written in perfect prose. Apart from the Vigilante, one person talks in terrible prose and one person talks in perfect prose. The Vigilante shoots the person with perfect prose, and they are the Mafioso.

You may check as well the grammar, in the Death Note is used perfect grammar? Then mostly the evildoer is using perfect grammar as well.

Why is it important? Edit

Scumreading is valuable to the Town because it provides an alternate avenue to figuring out evil roles. It also requires skill, which means that some people are better at it than others. Without scumreading, all investigation is purely down to chance. With scumreading, it is easier and more fun to narrow down roles that are harmful to the Town.

How can I use it? Edit

Scumreading can be learnt simply by taking note of the way evil roles talked before death. Most evil roles talk similarly, usually trying their best to be a help to the town so as to throw off suspicion, often redirecting interest to other evil roles apart from themself, or simply staying silent so no one cares about them. After using scumreading for a few matches you'll probably figure out how to use it properly, and to full effect.

The third/fourth vote in Ranked is usually an important Town role, such as the Jailor or a Town Protective role. Numbers 10 - 12 are typically the most likely to die Night 1 in a Ranked game. Telling the difference between a real Veteran baiting and a fake one trying to look like a Veteran is scumreading.

Other common traits of Mafia players are confidence and trying too hard to help the town with Neutral Killers, but becoming lack-luster when going after the Mafia.

The numbers game Edit

What is the numbers game? Edit

The numbers game is when there are fewer Town roles than evil roles, and so the Vigilante or Jailor will randomly shoot on the basis that they are more likely to hit a non-Townie than an actual Townie. Mayor should use the numbers game to know when to reveal to keep Town in the majority.

Why is it important? Edit

Although less important than scumreading, the numbers game is still a very valuable tool to a Town short on Townies. Even though the only person who can actually use it is the Vigilante and Jailor, often times games hinge on whether or not the Vigilante or Jailor chose to randomly shoot late game or not.

How can I use it? Edit

Using the numbers game is easy. Simply match the roles dead in the graveyard to the spots they would fill in the role list. If there are more spots for evils or Neutrals left open than there are for Town, then playing the numbers game is a valid strategy.

For example, you're in a Ranked game, there are 5 dead Townies, 1 dead member of the Mafia and 1 dead Neutral Evil at the end of a game. There are 4 Townies, 3 members of the Mafia, and 1 Neutral Killing left, so it's 4 v 3 v 1. The Town will lose the majority the next night, so the Vigilante should try and scumread for the Mafioso or Random Mafia role, depending who is left, the Jailor should try and get an evil role jailed and executed, and the Mayor should reveal the next day.