In Town of Salem, most of the roles in the game have abilities, e.g. investigating, killing or protecting. Abilities are a key part to the game. Most abilities are night abilities and can only be used during the night. Some roles have few or no abilities, but have special attributes instead, such as the Jester. A few roles, such as the Jailor, have day abilities.

Night AbilitiesEdit

To use your night ability, click the brown button NightAbilityButton next to a person's name during the Night. (You can sort the table below by clicking on the small arrow next to a heading.)

Priority is the order that things happen, with lower numbers meaning it's more important. Abilities with higher priority may affect abilities with a lower priority (for specifics, see the role page). Day abilities always have a higher priority than night abilities. Some roles will still be unaffected by higher-priority abilities because of Defenses.

If an ability causes a visit, a Lookout can see the visitor, an alert Veteran will shoot their visitor, and the Werewolf will attack visitors to their target.

Below is a table showing every role and its priority.

Role Name Night Abilities Visit? Restrictions Type Priority
Bodyguard Protect your target from one attack and kill their attacker yes Protection 3 B
Protect yourself with a vest yes, self 1 use Protection
Doctor Heal your target yes Protection 3
Heal yourself yes, self 1 use Protection
Escort Prevent your target from using their night ability yes Cannot be used on other Escorts, Consorts, or Transporters Manipulation 2
Investigator Determine possible roles of your target yes Information 4
Jailor Execute your prisoner yes Ja 3 uses or until a Town member is executed, after day 1 Killing2 5
Lookout Watch your target at night to see who visits them yes Information 4
Medium Seance a living target when dead yes 1 use Special 1
Retributionist Resurrect a dead Town member yes 1 use Special 3
Sheriff Determine if your target is suspicious yes Information 4
Spy Bug a target's house and see what happens to them at night yes Information 6
Transporter Switch your targets, making their visitors visit the other instead yes,yes Manipulation 1 T
Vampire Hunter Kill a target if they are a Vampire yes Killing1 5
Veteran Go on alert, killing all visitors no 3 uses Killing2 1
Vigilante Shoot your target yes 3 uses, after day 1 Killing1 5
Godfather Command your Mafioso to attack your target no G Living Mafioso, not role blocked Manipulation 3 G
Attack your target yes Mafioso dead or role blocked Killing1 5
Blackmailer Prevent your target from speaking the next day yes Manipulation 3
Consigliere Determine the role of your target yes Information 3 C
Consort Prevent your target from using their night ability yes Manipulation 2
Disguiser Disguise yourself as the role of your target yes Information 5 D
Forger Rewrite your target's last will yes 3 uses Information 3
Framer Change the investigation results of your target yes Information 3
Janitor Hide your target's last will and role from everyone else yes 3 uses Information 3
Mafioso Attack your target yes Attack the Godfather's target instead of own M Killing1 5
Amnesiac Become your dead target's role yes 1 use Special 6 A
Arsonist Douse someone in gasoline or ignite all doused targets yes Killing2 5
Jester Haunt a guilty voter after being lynched no 1 use Killing2 5 Je
Serial Killer Attack your target yes Killing1 5
Survivor Protect yourself with a vest no 4 uses Protection 3
Vampire Vote for a target to be converted to a Vampire yes, if youngest Cannot convert two nights in a row Manipulation 5
Witch Control your first target to visit your second target yes, first target Manipulation 2 W
Werewolf Kill your target and their visitors yes, only target Every Full Moon Killing2 5

1 This role has a Basic Attack. It will kill roles with no defense.

2 This role has a Powerful Attack. It will kill roles with Basic Defense.

A The Amnesiac is the only role whose ability will not take effect if they are killed the same night.

B If two or more Bodyguards protect the same target, they will counterattack in the order in which they joined the lobby.

C The Consigliere is not affected by the Framer's ability.

D Disguising doesn't affect the Town Investigative results (except for Investigator).

G The Godfather chooses a target but does not visit this target. This command can be role blocked or controlled.

Ja The Jailor will always visit their target when jailing them, whether or not they execute.

Je Despite its low priority, the Jester's haunt cannot be role blocked because it is only usable when the Jester is dead.

M If the Mafioso is commanded by the Godfather and controlled by a Witch, the command will take precedence (bug).

T If two or more Transporters transport the same target, the transports will occur in the order in which they joined the lobby.

W If two or more Witches control the same target, only the Witch who joined the lobby last will control the target.

Role blockingEdit


Roleblocking (RB or RB'ing) is an occurrence during the night phase where a player's night ability is in some way disrupted or 'blocked' by another player. Some roles can directly cause this to happen but often it is a coincidental event for most roles at night. Not to be confused with Defense, which is where a character can't be killed that night.

Roles that can Role blockEdit

It should be noted that the Witch and Transporter do not role block, but have role block-like functions that cause the victim to have their abilities “disrupted”, but necessarily “blocked”.

Occurrences of RoleblockingEdit

  • Roleblocking occurs in any role which has some sort of activity to do in the night. Usually roleblocking is in some way bad for Townies, but can be used to identify suspicious individuals later on.
  • The Consort can distract or roleblock people, which could be important if they manage to distract the Doctor or Jailor, leading to an easier killing for the Mafia.

Hints about RoleblockingEdit

  • If anyone role blocks the Werewolf during a full moon or the Serial Killer, the killer will be forced to attack the role blocker. For example, if an Escort dies in this manner and has recorded their last target in their Last Will, the killer's name is revealed to the Town, which often leads to either of them being lynched.
  • Keeping an eye on who is saying they are being roleblocked may lead to clues about some roles in the game (Escort, for instance, usually roleblocks others).
  • Being roleblocked is pretty bad for the Mafia and Serial Killer as they can be called out for being blocked the next day sometimes, which may lead to suspicion against them.

Day AbilitiesEdit

Only 4 roles have day abilities, 3 Town roles and the Pirate. To use your day ability, click the sun button DayAbilityButton during the day, a message will appear after you selected a target.

Role Name Day Ability Visit? Restrictions Ability Type
Jailor Choose a target to jail at night yes Role blocking
Mayor Reveal yourself as the Mayor of the town no 1 use Special
Medium Choose a target to seance this night, speaking to them privately yes 1 use, only usable when dead Special
Pirate Choose a target to duel at night yes Only in the Coven Expansion Special

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