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☾(# uses) Night Ability: used by pressing the buttons next to players' names

☀(# uses) Day Ability: used by pressing the sun button in the top menu bar

Town Edit

Bodyguard Edit

Doctor Edit

Escort Edit

Investigator Edit

Jailor Edit

Lookout Edit

Mayor Edit

Medium Edit

Retributionist Edit

Sheriff Edit

Spy Edit

Transporter Edit

Vampire Hunter Edit

Veteran Edit

Vigilante Edit

Mafia Edit

Blackmailer Edit

Consigliere Edit

Consort Edit

Disguiser Edit

Forger Edit

Framer Edit

Godfather Edit

Janitor Edit

Mafioso Edit

Neutral Edit

Amnesiac Edit

Arsonist Edit

Executioner Edit

Jester Edit

Serial Killer Edit

Survivor Edit

Vampire Edit

Werewolf Edit

Witch Edit

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