The Psychic is a Town Investigative role that will be given three names every non-Full Moon night at least one of which is evil, and on Full Moon nights they will be given two players and one of which is guaranteed to be good. It only appears in the Town Of Salem: Coven Expansion.

Mechanics Edit

  • If you are jailed or role blocked, you will not receive a vision.
  • You may receive a vision that a revealed Mayor is good, effectively wasting it.
  • On a non-Full Moon night, you get one or more evils among the three players, while on a Full Moon night, you get one person or two people that are good. Therefore, the Full Moon results doesn't allow you to find evils but it helps to confirm a Townie.
  • Clarification: good = Townie, bad = anything else.
  • For unknown reasons, Survivor shows up as "good". It is unknown if other Neutral Benign roles show up as good too.

Strategy Edit

  • Reveal early on and ask for a Crusader on you. Often a Crusader will do as asked if they are smart, and you can easily start helping the town rat out suspicious people.
  • Generally, the Psychic relies on the whole Town to be useful. Having fellow Town Investigative roles can help the Psychic even further by gaining information about the roles that are potentially evil.
  • Writing confirmed Townies in your will may seem like a good idea, but remember that when your will is revealed, it potentially makes them a target for killers.
  • Calling someone out as evil early on is generally not a good idea. One, you could end up guessing wrong and getting an innocent Townie lynched. Two, people could think you are an Executioner and ignore you. Three, a Psychic is a high-priority target for the Mafia so you will likely be dead within a few nights.
  • However, if it is Night 3, a person has appeared twice, and one or two other people on those two visions have died, it is extremely likely they are evil, call them out, or whisper it to a confirmed Townie.
  • Narrow down your pool of suspects. Two of the given potential evil roles may be good. Their death may confirm their innocence. Death of an evil role out from the three doesn't mean the other two are innocent. There are results that reveal all names written are evil.

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