Mechanics Edit

This role can select between three potions to use: a healing potion, a revealing potion, and an attacking potion. Each of the potions has a three-day cooldown, but with the Necronomicon the cooldowns for the potions are removed.

  • The attacking potion will deal a basic attack to the target.
  • The healing potion will heal your target from attacks for that night.
  • The revealing potion will tell you your target's role for that night.

Strategy Edit

  • Normally, it is better to use a revealing potion instead of a healing or killing potion at the beginning of the game. Doing so can give you vital information about your enemies and keeps the fact that there is a Potion Master in the game a secret.
  • When you have the Necronomicon, it might be a good idea to use a revealing potion two nights in a row, and then use a killing potion on the third night. This way, the rest of the town will not know that you have the Necronomicon, which could make the town panic that another Coven role has it instead.
  • Use your killing potions in compliment with your revealing potions, this allows you to take out only high priority targets like the Sheriff or Mafioso.
  • Your healing potion is a powerful weapon to negate the attacks of Town Protectives. Cooperating with other Coven roles is essential before you heal them. The other Coven members may decide to attack a specific target, knowing you would back them up with a powerful defense. This is more useful when the attacking Coven member targets someone with protectives on their side.
  • If you inherit the Necronomicon, use the revealing potion on others to find their exact role, and paste their investigative results into chat (after claiming to be the Investigator) to attempt to lynch them. Be careful, because lynching a Townie could result in you losing your credibility. Gain the help of others by assisting roles such as Survivor or Guardian Angel, as this will be a major help towards the end of the game. Once everybody believes you are the Investigator, start killing off the non-Coven (preferably the Mafia first) until you win.

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