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The Plaguebearer is an upcoming Neutral Chaos role that can infect a player with the plague. It is only available through the Town of Salem: The Coven expansion.

Mechanics Edit

  • The Plague spreads through visiting and being visited. The Plaguebearer can visit someone once per night.
  • Once all players are infected the Town is told that Pestilence has been summoned. Players are not told they are infected with the Plague.
  • Once the Plaguebearer turns into Pestilence it gains Invincible defense, powerful rampaging attacks, and deals a powerful attack to anyone who visits it.

Notes Edit

  • The Plaguebearer is not unique, this may be a bug.
  • The Plaguebearer sometimes will only infect one person even though multiple people visited. This may be a bug.


  • Try to visit people that you know are going to get a lot of traffic, but that are not going to die. For example, if someone says "invest ____ tonight", you should probably infect the person they are going to visit, as the Investigator will bring the plague to many other roles.
  • If you think that a person you infected is going to visit another person, keep note of it in your role so you don't waste an infect.
  • Try infecting names that stand out in the beginning of the game. But be careful, as there could be a Bodyguard or Crusader that is going to protect them.
  • After each night, always keep a fake Will and an infect list so you don't reinfect people you have already infected.

Dealing with PlaguebearersEdit

  • If you are a Town Investigative role that is told to check upon another person's role, you might want to refrain from doing so if you know that the Town is vulnerable in the case of a Pestilence (for example, the Town only has the same amount of Townies as there is all Evil roles combine). However, if you think you are already infected, or if you think it is inevitable that a Pestilence will be coming soon, then you should continue visiting that person, as you would be helping catch the Pestilence by narrowing down the pool of suspects.

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