After his ship, World's Wench, marooned at the cliffs, young Skullbeard had little to his name than a few choice of weapons. He needed to find wealth - fast.

No landlubber would suspect that the wanted sign, denouncing Skullbeard's name and face, with a lord-sized bounty on his head, would in fact be the newcomer to town.

When the Investigator retired to his house after council, he saw the sign - on his front door. Immediately he recognized the culprit, and turned around just in time to meet the blackened teeth, and grog breath of his adversary.

Skullbeard lurched forward slowly. The Investigator fled into his home and went looking for something.. anything to defend himself with.

The pirate already knew which weapon he would use to slay this useless land-farer. He opened the door to his bedroom, meeting his prey not even 10 feet from where he stood.

The investigator was fearful, but determined to stand his ground.

"Heh," thought Skullbeard. "Had no idea they used chainmail here." He pulled out his rapier. "En garde!"

The following day, the pirate was halfway to his goal of fleeing this town, new ship in tow. He was ill-prepared for a firefight from the Mafia in this town, but he still knew how to send his foes with a one-way ticket to Davy Jones' Locker.

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Mechanics Edit

  • You have a day Ability to select your target to plunder during the night.
  • At the start of the next night, both you and your target will get a special popup interface to select your actions for the duel.
    • Your options are Scimitar, Rapier, and Pistol.
    • The victim's options are Sidestep, Chain-mail, and Backpedal.
    • Scimitar beats Sidestep, Rapier beats Chain-mail, and Pistol beats Backpedal.
    • Anything else results in the defender winning.
  • If you win the duel, you will deal a Powerful attack against your target.
  • Winning the duel will also plunder your target, earning you one of the two plunders you need to win the game. If your target is protected by a Doctor or Guardian Angel, the plunder will still count.
  • Dueling a trapped player will trigger the trap without killing you if you lose, but if you win, the trap will kill you and your target will survive.
  • Dueling a Serial Killer or Werewolf on a Full Moon will result in your death. If you win the duel, however, you live and they die instead.
  • You don't need to be alive in order to win. If you successfully plunder 2 players before you die, you will still win at the end of the game.
  • You cannot attempt to plunder the same player twice in a row. However, if they were jailed, you can attempt to plunder them.
  • Your target will be role-blocked the night they are plundered, unless they have role-block immunity, like an Escort. Roles that can not visit also will not be role-blocked.
    • You will not roleblock your target if you did not choose an attack.

Depending on the selected attack or defense method, the outcome of plundering will vary:

Sidestep Chainmail Backpedal
Scimitar Pirate wins Defender wins Defender wins
Rapier Defender wins Pirate wins Defender wins
Pistol Defender wins Defender wins Pirate wins


  • The probability to win depending on the number of plundering (n) is defined as follow (for n>1) :





Number of plundering % of winning
2 11%
3 26%
4 40%
5 54%
6 65%
7 74%
8 80%

This is therefore recommended to plunder every night because you may die at any moment.

Strategy Edit

  • You can not duel a player if they are jailed, or if you are jailed yourself.
  • Even though a Pirate duel is considered a role-block, Escorts, Consorts, Ambushers, Transporters, Veterans, the Coven Leader, the Necromancer, and the Pestilence can still perform their night ability due to their role block immunity.
    • Like a Jailor who failed to execute, a Pirate dies if they visit a Serial Killer and lose the duel. On the other hand, if you win the duel, the Serial Killer won't kill you and you will kill them with your Powerful attack instead.
    • If a Pirate duels a Veteran, they will know they're being visited by the Pirate due to the GUI and will be able to go on alert, killing the Pirate. Avoid dueling a confirmed Veteran unless you are certain they are out of alerts.
  • If the Pirate's target was transported, the Pirate will not plunder their valuables, even if they win the duel.
  • While the selection of attack and defense methods are mostly random, there's two important bits of information related to defaults that can be relevant: If the Pirate does not pick an attack, the game will automatically select Rapier; and if the defender does not pick a method of defense, the game will automatically select Backpedal. Note: This may be incorrect, as some players have reported it choosing different options for them when they went AFK. So it may be chosen randomly.
    • Therefore, if you suspect that someone is Away From Keyboard, it can make sense to pick your pistol. Be warned that people who claim to be Away From Keyboard are often evil or may be a Veteran baiting.
    • And, of course, if they're actually there and know that Pirates are more likely to pick Pistol because of this, they might pick something else.
  • A strategy you may want to try if you know town will not try to lynch you (If theres a Pestilence, Coven Leader, or Juggernaut still at large) is to whisper your target and tell them what you will pick. Doing so, they'll likely not pick the corresponding defense. This increases your chances of winning from 1/3 to 1/2.
  • Your target does not have to die for it to count as a successful plunder. If you want to avoid killing people (which can be helpful in that it prolongs the game and makes you less likely to be targeted yourself), you can focus on targets you think are likely to be healed by a Doctor or Guardian Angel.
  • You can, in theory, side with anyone and win with them. In practice this rarely works out; Town won't trust you because they know you have to kill constantly even in the absence of identified evils, while other evil teams are unlikely to reveal their entire side to you and therefore will see you as a threat. You can more easily side with Neutral Killing roles, who will generally be eager for an ally.
  • Remember, unlike most killers, you lack even a basic defense. Since your attack is a roleblock, you can sometimes make up for this by identifying killing roles and targeting them repeatedly to avoid the chance of them attacking you, locking them down until you win a duel. Follow the advice for Escorts when doing this.
    • In particular, if you target someone, they survive, and there's no kill by an existing Mafia or Coven killing role the next morning, you may want to target the same person again the next time you're allowed to do so.
    • Conversely, if there is a kill, you may want to move on to someone else in hopes of finding and neutralizing rival killers.
    • You should also generally skip over anyone else you know for certain is not a rival killer, such as confirmed Town, anyone who has been role-blocked previously (unless the Mafia killer has changed), or anyone whose revealed investigative results doesn't include any killers.
    • However, remember that you can't target the same person twice in a row, so you're not able to lock someone down completely.
  • Another advantage to identifying a killing role by role-blocking them is that you can use them in a variety of ways even if you lose your duels:
    • You can use them to claim some Town role (such as an Investigative who discovered them or an Escort blocking them.) Be warned that they will likely attempt to out you as a Pirate; but they can't do this without confessing themselves, and if you get them lynched, the Town will often believe your word over theirs.
    • If you claim an Investigative role, such as a Sheriff, Tracker, Lookout, or Investigator, and use that to accuse them of being the killer, they may not realize you were the Pirate who roleblocked them; however, you risk being outed as evil if they aren't the role you thought they were and the kill was skipped for other reasons. If they get lynched and turn out to be Town, you can try to turn this mistake to your advantage by claiming to be a victorious Executioner.
    • You can expose them to distract a Town from lynching you; a Mafioso, Godfather or Coven killing role is generally higher priority for the town than a Pirate, so this can buy you another night.
    • In a pinch, if you've been unsuccessfully dueling a killing role repeatedly, you can claim Pirate when pressed and tell the Town you'll keep locking them down until you kill them. Avoid revealing as a Pirate in this fashion unless it seems absolutely necessary, since it's unpredictable how Town members will react, and you lack even the Basic defense needed to keep a Vigilante with an itchy trigger finger or some other random killer from killing you regardless of how the rest of the Town feels.
  • As a Pirate, you want the game to last as long as possible (since that gives you more chances to loot people successfully.) Therefore, you should usually try to slow down voting, voting innocent whenever it's justifiable.
    • You do usually want to find and lynch Neutral Killing roles, since they're both a threat to you and will end the game faster if unchecked, but they can also be an ally later in the game.
    • This is another reason why it's a good idea for you to try and role-block rival killers when you can; saving the life of the town prevents the game from ending and gives you more time to loot.


  • The pirate is the only Neutral Chaos} role that is able to win with any faction, assuming they manage to plunder 2 players at some point in the game.
  • The Pirate's role-block does not seem to impact certain astral attacks/visits (Such as {{Spies and
    Achievement Pirate
    ), so a
    Achievement Pirate
    will still know who was visited by the
    Achievement Pirate
    Achievement Pirate
  • If the
    Achievement Pirate
    doesn't choose an attack, the pirate will automatically lose and both
    Achievement Pirate
    and their victim will see no message.
  • If the target doesn't choose a defense, they will choose the last defense they chose since launching the game. If they never chose a defense, it defaults to Sidestep.
  • The achievement for losing 10 duels is called "But You Have Heard of Me". This is most likely a reference to The Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow says this line to James Norrington.
  • If your plundering fails, you will receive one of the following messages:
    • Avast! Yer scimitar's slash be stopped by chainmail. Ye lost th' duel! (Scimitar vs Chainmail)
    • Arr! Yer scimitar's slash be belayed by th' bilge rat's backpedal. Ye lost! (Scimitar vs Backpedal)
    • Shiver me timbers! Th' scallywag sidestepped yer rapier. Ye lost th' duel! (Rapier vs Sidestep)
    • Blimey! Th' rapscallion backpedaled away from yer rapier. Ye lost th' duel! (Rapier vs Backpedal)
    • Sink Me! Th' bilge swiller dodged yer shot. Ye lost th' duel! (Pistol vs Sidestep)
    • Blow me down! The sorry sea dogs chain mail stopped yer shot. Ye lost th' duel! (Pistol vs Chainmail)
  • If your plundering succeeds, you will receive one of the following messages instead:
    • Yo ho ho! Th' sluggard's backpedal be nah enough to stop yer shot. Ye won! (Pistol vs Backpedal)
    • Yer scimitar's slash could nah be sidestepped by the landlubber. Ye won th' duel! (Scimitar vs Sidestep)
    • Ahoy! Yer rapier skewered th' scurvy seadogs chainmail. Ye won! (Rapier vs Chainmail)
Achievement Pirate