The Pirate is a Neutral Chaos role introduced in the Coven expansion.

Description Edit

A Neutral Chaos role that must plunder two players to win. This is done by way of a UI specific to this role that uses reverse rock paper scissors logic. You may select to duel and plunder a player during the day using a day-ability button like the Jailor has. That night, you are given three attack options (Scimitar, Rapier, and Pistol), and the defending player has three defensive options (Sidestep, Chain Mail, and Backpedal). Pick the right one to counter their defense and plunder their home, or pick the wrong one and they fight you off.

In case it isn't clear, people you successfully plunder die (at least unless they have Powerful or higher Defense).

Mechanics Edit

Depending on the selected attack or defense method, the outcome of plundering will vary.

Sidestep Chainmail Backpedal
Scimitar Pirate wins Defender wins Defender wins
Rapier Defender wins Pirate wins Defender wins
Pistol Defender wins Defender wins Pirate wins
  • You cannot attempt to plunder the same player twice in a row, unless your plunder attempt was blocked by the target being in jail.
  • Your target will be role-blocked the night they are dueled.
  • If your plundering fails, you will receive one of the following system messages:
    • Avast! Yer scimitar's slash be stopped by chainmail. Ye lost th' duel! (Scimitar vs Chainmail)
    • Arr! Yer scimitar's slash be belayed by th' bilge rat's backpedal. Ye lost! (Scimitar vs Backpedal)
    • Shiver me timbers! Th' scallywag sidestepped yer rapier. Ye lost th' duel! (Rapier vs Sidestep)
    • Blimey! Th' rapscallion backpedaled away from yer rapier. Ye lost th' duel! (Rapier vs Backpedal)
    • Sink Me! Th' bilge swiller dodged yer shot. Ye lost th' duel! (Pistol vs Sidestep)
    • Blow me down! The sorry sea dogs chain mail stopped yer shot. Ye lost th' duel! (Pistol vs Chainmail)
  • The probability to win depending on the number of plundering (x) is defined as follow (for x>1) :






Number of plundering % of winning
2 11%
3 26%
4 40%
5 54%
6 65%
7 74%
8 80%

This is therefore recommended to plunder every night because you may die at any moment.

Strategy Edit

  • You can still plunder once you have won.
  • Since you aren't out to kill anyone who opposes you, you may offer your service to the Mafia or the Coven in exchange for your safety.
  • There is no real trick to figuring out which option to pick when dueling, this is a mechanic totally based on luck and makes the Pirate a unique challenge to players.
  • You can not duel a player if they are jailed, or if you are jailed yourself.
  • Since a Pirate duel is considered a roleblock, Escorts, Consorts, Ambushers, Transporters, Veterans, Witches, the Coven Leader, the Pestilence, and other Pirates can still perform their night ability due to their role block immunity.
    • Likewise, a Pirate dies if they visit a Serial Killer.
    • If you successfully Plunder a Serial Killer, the Serial Killer won't kill you.
    • If a Pirate duels a Veteran, they will know they're being visited by the Pirate due to the GUI and will be able to go on alert, killing the Pirate.
  • If the Pirate's target was transported, the Pirate will not plunder their valuables, even if they win the duel.
  • Try dueling the same person over and over again till they lose. You can confuse them by continuing to select the same attack each night. You can also try to find which defense they use most often to try and plunder them.
  • If the Pirate does not pick an attack, the game will automatically select Rapier.
  • If the defender does not pick a method of defense, the game will automatically select Backpedal.
  • If neither of them pick an action, nothing will happen.


  • If you successfully plunder a target using the pistol, the following message sounds: Yo ho ho! Th' sluggard's backpedal be nah enough to stop yer shot. Ye won!
  • If you successfully plunder a target using the scimitar, the following message sounds: Yer scimitar's slash could nah be sidestepped by the landlubber. Ye won th' duel!
  • If you successfully plunder a target using the rapier, the following message sounds: Ahoy! Yer rapier skewered th' scurvy seadogs chainmail. Ye won!

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