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The Pirate is a Neutral Chaos role.

Description Edit

A Neutral Chaos role that must plunder 2 players to win. This is done by way of a UI specific to this role that uses reverse rock paper scissors logic. You may select to duel and plunder a player during the day using a button like that Jailor has. That night you are given three attack options (Scimitar, Rapier, and Pistol), and the defending player has three defensive options (Sidestep, Chainmail, and Backpedal). Pick the right one to counter their defense and plunder their home, or pick the wrong one and they fight you off.

In case it isn't clear, people you successfully plunder die (at least unless they have night immunity).

Mechanics Edit

Depending on the selected attack or defence method, the outcome of plundering will vary.

Sidestep Chainmail Backpedal
Scimitar Pirate wins Defender wins Defender wins
Rapier Defender wins Pirate wins Defender wins
Pistol Defender wins Defender wins Pirate wins
  • You cannot attempt to plunder the same player multiple times, unless your plunder attempt was blocked by the target being in jail.
  • If your plundering fails, you will receive one of the following system messages:
    • Blow me down! The sorry sea dogs chainmail stopped yer shot. Ye lost th' duel!
    • Sink Me! Th' bilge swiller dodged yer shot. Ye lost th' duel!
    • Argh! Yer scimitar's slash be stopped by chainmail. Ye lost th' duel!

Strategy Edit

  • It is very important to not visit any Veterans, Werewolf on full moon or Medusas. If you duel one of these roles, players will simply use their night ability (alert, staying at home or stone gaze) to kill you as you are visiting them.
  • Since you aren't ought to kill anyone who opposes, you may offer your service to Mafia or Coven in exchange to your safety.
  • Pirate dies if they visit a Serial Killer (likely a bug)

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