Screams rang through the cold night and the Doctor burst out of his house, barely just grabbing his medical kit as he raced along the streets. Arriving at the source of unrest, he discovered a young boy, lying down, coughing and sobbing. Instinct made the Doctor cover his face with his trusty surgical mask, and he was right in doing so. A closer inspection revealed the alarming truth. The red rash, the hacking coughs, and the huge black boils that had risen on the pale skin… this boy had the plague.

The Doctor should have been scared, worried, horrified, he knew this, but instead, he felt... fascination. How quickly could this disease spread, how many people could it kill? Hastily he took a sample, and commanded the boy’s family to be quarantined. Then, he hurried home to test this intriguing sample further. A week, and the Doctor finally held the result he was looking for. All he had to do was drop the solution on the path outside everyone’s houses, and the fumes would infect everyone who ventured there. He started to question himself, but then he remembered the other Doctor who always took the credit for himself, the Investigator who always snooped inside his house, the Jailor who roughly threw him in a cramped jail cell, and he felt better.

Inhaling the sweet scents of the herbs he put in his mask, the Plaguebearer infected person after person, using his dark robes to blend into the night. On the fateful night that the plague spread to everyone in the Town, the evil Doctor realized his power. As the moon was concealed under rolling grey clouds and the panicked screams rose from the town, Pestilence, Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, laughed so hard that tears rolled off his mask.

Credit: [1]

Mechanics Edit

  • Pestilence, Horseman of the Apocalypse has a Powerful attack and is Invincible. It will attack anyone who visits it and rampage every night at another player's house attacking his visitors and himself until it is the only player left.
  • If an Amnesiac remembers Pestilence, they will remember Plaguebearer and will turn if all people are infected (the only way someone wouldn't be infected is through being revived) and not before the end of the following night.
  • The only way to kill Pestilence (after the Plaguebearer is evolved) is by lynching.
  • If you are jailed as Pestilence, then you will kill the Jailor, similar to to the Werewolf on a full moon and the Serial Killer.
  • You cannot be killed at night by any means. Some less obvious cases that are worth highlighting:
    • If the Jailor tries to execute you, it will fail and you will get an achievement for it.
    • You cannot be killed by a Jester's haunting.
    • You will survive the triggering of a Hex Master's hex.
    • You cannot be killed by a full power Juggernaut.
    • You will not die if your lover dies in Lovers Mode.
    • An Arsonist ignite cannot burn you.
  • If an Amnesiac remembers Pestilence, becomes Pestilence, and wins, both Pestilences will win.

Strategy Edit

  • You are an extremely powerful killing role. You only have one way to die and you have a Powerful attack and are Invincible. You also ignore role blocks and controls, unlike all the Neutral Killing.
  • Baiting people into visiting you is recommended. Refer to the Veteran page for strategies on how to do this. Be wary, however, as if too many people have you as the last target in their will the Town will likely lynch you out of desperation.
  • As with the Plaguebearer, Werewolf strategies are compatible with this role - potentially even more so due to Pestilence's higher capacity for destruction.
  • When you become Pestilence, the entire Town will receive a message about your evolution, and that will probably send them panicking as they try to find you.
    • This is the message the town receives: "A plague has consumed the town summoning Pestilence, Horseman of the Apocalypse!"
    • Use this to your advantage, start accusing people of being Pestilence for one reason or another and the Town will probably believe you and lynch that person, wasting one day of voting.
    • However, back it up with fake proof and claims. Sometimes, it's also preferable to not accuse anyone and just go with the flow.
    • Another option is to claim to be a Town Investigative role that found someone that might be Pestilence, this method lends your story credibility but will put you under suspicion when the town realizes you were wrong. Also, remember to claim that you investigated the person you are going after BEFORE they became Pestilence. Since Pestilence kills anyone who visits them, claiming otherwise will make it obvious that you are lying and it might even get you lynched. This may work as a Jester strategy, however.
  • Always talk during the day, making suggestions that could "help" to find Pestilence, but don't be too talkative. This way, you do not look suspicious during the day, and you can go on with your nightly killings as an unstoppable force.
  • One strategy is to act like a Jester. The only way to be killed as Pestilence is to be lynched - and people want to refrain from lynching Jesters. Refer the the Jester's page for strategies regarding this.
  • Be careful of Jesters. While their haunt can't kill you, if you are the only one to have voted them guilty, you will be spotted as Pestilence. So never be alone to vote if there is a risk of Jester.
    • Even if someone else votes guilty, you'll still be in trouble if the Jester tries to kill you, since a Jester failing to kill someone is a telltale sign that one of the guilty voters was Pestilence. Every dead player will also know the Jester tried and failed to kill you, and they may be able to tell the living via a Medium, or Retributionist.
  • And when you don't know who to kill that night, just kill someone with a name that sticks out like: "Hahahahaha, Luiluilui, Stupid Town... (names that don't make any sense or are intended to mock a person or faction)". You can also pick a name like: "Deodat Lawson, John Willard, Betty Paris, John Hathorne..." because most people place suspicion on default names for virtually no reason beside that they were too slow.
    • And don't kill any roles that are harmless to you, such as Survivor, Jester, Executioner or an Amnesiac, unless the Amnesiac wants to join an opposing faction. However, if these roles show signs of wanting to vote against you, do not hesitate to kill, but make sure they aren't the only ones against you, otherwise you could be lynched.
    • Remember, you can still be lynched. Claiming to be an Investigator or Tracker is a bad claim if the Town is notified of you being summoned due to these roles sharing investigative results.

      Amnesiac remembering the Pestilence role.


  • If you turn into Pestilence in Lovers Mode, and your lover dies, you will receive this message: You care not for a lover, for a Horseman feels no love, no pain, no happiness.
    IMG 1829

    The message you receive when your lover dies in Lovers Mode

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