The Neutral Killing roles are the group of evil-doers who don't work for the Mafia nor the Coven, only themselves. As the name suggests, they are all capable of killing at night. Special to this alignment, every one of its roles is a faction of their own, although such a faction typically only has one member in competitive rounds. This doesn't make them any less threatening, however, as these roles are some of the most capable killers in game. In addition to their stunning capacity to kill, all Neutral Killing roles have Basic Defense (except the Juggernaut, who has to kill two people to gain it), making them a real headache for the Mafia and Vampires, as the killers' insubordination cannot be rectified through "normal means".

Because only one faction can win in each game and every faction aims to see every other faction's members dead, Neutral Killing roles violently clash with Townies, the Mafia, the Coven, the Vampires and other Neutral Killing roles that are not of their own. For example, Serial Killers cannot win with Arsonists, but can win with other Serial Killers. This also means they can only ever win with non-faction roles (Neutral Evil and Neutral Benign) and their own kind.

Due to their "third party" or "outsider" nature, it is important for Neutral Killing to keep both the Townies and the Mafia equally matched throughout the game, such that when the dust is settled, other factions no longer have the means to oppose the killers. To further reward the killers' ability to maintain balance around the Town, they always win by default in stalemates. In a 1v1v1 situation, it is generally considered more "sportsmanlike" to side with a Neutral Killing role over a member of the Mafia or Coven due to the increased challenge the killer must face.

In most Game Modes, there will only be a single Neutral Killing role in play. More may appear when the possible Any slot becomes another Neutral Killing role. When this happens, the two Neutral Killings will most likely be opposing each other. But in the rarest of occasions there could be two identical Neutral Killing roles in the game, in which case they will be a powerful force to be reckoned with. Rainbow Mode features more Neutral Killing roles than any other game mode (except some Custom Setups): The Arsonist and Serial Killer both appear twice among the Rainbow Mode role list.

Usually, it is unlikely that Neutral Killing roles win powerful games, and they usually are killed before they have a chance to win. As a result, when you win with a Neutral Role, in ranked you are given a significant number of ELO points.

Each Neutral Killing role can win with the following other roles:

Neutral KillingEdit

Role Name Role Description
Arsonist Douse someone in gasoline each night. They will not be notified of the dousing. Selecting yourself will ignite all targets, dealing an Unstoppable attack to them. Doused targets show up as Bodyguard, Godfather, Arsonist, or Crusader to an Investigator, as an Arsonist to a Consigliere. You will be notified if another Arsonist douses you. You have Basic defense. Your targets will not be notified if they are doused.
Serial Killer Kill someone each night. If you are visited by an Escort, Consort, or Pirate, you will be forced to stab them (unless the Pirate that duels you wins the duel, in which case they will kill you). If you are jailed, you will stab the Jailor if you are not executed. You have Basic defense.
Werewolf Go on a rampage on every Full Moon night. You will deal a Powerful attack to your target and all visitors. If you are jailed on a Full Moon night and not executed, you will attack the Jailor. You have Basic defense.
Juggernaut              Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

You may choose to attack a player on full moon nights. Each kill you get will grant you a new ability, such as gaining a Basic defense or allowing you to attack every night. You power up until you are unstoppable. You WILL be killed by Pestilence.

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