The Neutral Evil alignment consists of three non-factional roles that have varying degrees of conflicting interests against the innocent townsfolk, and wish to have a certain person or group of people killed. Despite that, unlike the Neutral Killing roles, evil roles do not have the ability to directly kill, and thus, must utilize deception to play properly and win. All Neutral Evil roles have Detection Immunity, adding to their propensity for trickery.

Treachery notwithstanding, it is quite possible to form alliances as Neutral Evil roles. For an example, they could team with the Mafia or Coven to gather enough votes in trials, with Neutral Killing roles to eliminate opposing voices, or with each other so to amplify the misinformation that they all wish to spread. Some of them could even team up with the Town on infrequent occasions, but this is a riskier proposition for both sides of the deal. However, they can also work alone and try to lay low most of the game; this is true especially for Jester and Executioner.

Being non-factional, death is an interesting part of the Neutral Evil Alignment; as unlike factional roles, Neutral Evil roles cannot win while dead by way of their faction's victory, for they have none. Thus, the function of death must be specified on a per role basic: To be eligible to win, the Jester must be lynched, the Witch must kill all Townies, and the Executioner only requires their Town or possible Vampire target to be lynched.

The Neutral Evil alignment contains a unique relevance in lynching. Two of its roles, the Jester and the Executioner, need to utilize lynch trials to win. These are the only roles to have such stipulations, and their existence and potential presence in the game often leads to disorderly trials. The odd role out here, the Witch, doesn't have to fiddle with the trials to win (Although they must be lynched if there is a Vigilante with bullets left alive). But to compensate, the Witch is the only non-factional role that can't win with the Town. Whatever the role is, if there is a Neutral Evil role in play, it's extra work for the Townies, thereby giving other factions an advantage.

While rare, it is possible for two of the Neutral Evils (Jester and Executioner) to work with the Town. The Jester, after being lynched, might end up haunting an enemy of theirs (For example, the Godfather) and the Executioner can vote with them. Executioner is the most likely to do so after lynching their target, and may even go as far as to strike a deal with the Town to lynch their target in return for the Executioner's vote.

Neutral EvilEdit

Role Name Role Description
Executioner Trick the Town into lynching your target, who is always a Townie other than a Mayor or Jailor. Spies can now be your target, as Blackmailers can now read whispers. If they are lynched, you win, even if killed afterwards. If your target dies before being lynched, you will become a Jester.
Jester Trick the Town into voting against you. Haunt a person who voted guilty if you are lynched, killing them. A Transporter can direct the haunt onto someone else who did not vote guilty, but only if you selected that person to haunt. You cannot kill Pestilence with your haunt, so if you notice that only one person voted guilty but didn't die then they must be the Pestilence.
Witch Control someone each night. They will visit or attack the second target. The first person controlled will have their role be revealed to you in the form of a Consigliere message. You can not control a Transporter or anyone in jail. Presumably replaced by the Coven Leader in the Coven update.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the Neutral Benign roles, all Neutral Evil Roles have their own Victory message.


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