Neutral Chaos is an alignment that exists since update 1.3.0 and currently only applies to the Vampire role within the regular game. But, in Town of Salem: The Coven expansion, the Pirate and Plaguebearer roles are newly included. Neutral Evil roles are similar to the Neutral Chaos roles in that they are a major hinderance to the Town. The difference being that Neutral Chaos, at the moment, cause chaos within the Town to win the game, while Neutral Evil roles target certain aspects of the Town. Vampires, an example of this alignment, convert outsiders into fellow Vampires. Vampires are also similar to Neutral Evil roles in which they can't directly kill, but they are different because they can't win with any other factions. The Pirate can directly kill by plundering people, but the Plaguebearer needs to infect everybody in the town before they can start killing as the Pestilence.

The Neutral Chaos are pure evils, this is because they likely want to spread chaos in the Town and other opposing forces.

The Mafia, The Coven, Neutral Killing roles, and (in the case of Vampires) Vampire Hunters are the major threat for the Neutral Chaos roles.

Role Name Role Description
Vampire Convert others to Vampires at night. If you bite any member of the Mafia that isn't the Godfather or any member of the Coven, they will die and you will be able to bite again the next night. You must wait one night after a successful conversion to bite again.
Pirate Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Choose a player to plunder each night. You will be given three options to attack with, while your target gets to choose between three defensive options. If you successfully plunder your target, you will deal a Powerful attack to them. You also role-block your target. Failing to plunder a Serial Killer will force the Serial Killer to kill you.

Plaguebearer Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

You may choose to infect a player with the plague each night. You have Basic defense. The plague spreads by visiting other people; if one catches it, they can pass it on to others. Once all players are infected, you will become the Pestilence.

Pestilence Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

You may choose to rampage at a player's house each night. You have a Powerful attack and an Invincible defense. You will kill all visitors to yourself, and you can not be role-blocked. You can only die by lynching.

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