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Neutral Chaos is an alignment that exists since update 1.3.0 and currently only applies to the Vampire role. But, in the 1.6.0 update, BlankMediaGames will add the Pirate and Plaguebearer/Pestilence role. Mechanically, the Vampires are similar to Neutral Killing roles, in which they are a faction and need to be the last faction standing to win. The difference being that Neutral Chaos does not rely on nightly murders to win and at the moment, work in teams to win the game. Vampires, is an example of this alignment, convert outsiders into fellow Vampires. They are also similar to Neutral Evil roles in which they can't directly kill, but they are different because they can't win with any other factions.

Similar to the Town, they usually need to rely on lynching in order to get rid of their foes. Similar to the Mafia, they know the identities of other Vampires and can speak with them at night.

There can only be a maximum of 4 active Vampires at any given time, unless an Amnesiac becomes a Vampire once the Vampires are already at the cap of 4.

Vampires may take up the Any slot in Ranked and Ranked Practice.

The Mafia, Neutral Killing roles and Vampire Hunters are the major enemy of the Vampires.

Role Name Role Description
Vampire Convert others to Vampires at night. If you bite any member of the Mafia that isn't the Godfather, they will die and you will be able to bite again the next night. You must wait one night after a successful conversion to bite again.
Pirate This is an upcoming role in the 1.6.0 update. As the Pirate, you must plunder 2 players to win. This is done by way of a really cool UI specific to this role that uses reverse rock paper scissors logic. You may select to duel and plunder a player during the Day using a button like that Jailor has. That night you are given three attack options, and the defending player has three defensive options. Pick the right one to counter their defense and plunder their home, or pick the wrong one and they fight you off.
Plaguebearer/Pestilence This is an upcoming role in the 1.6.0 update. The Plaguebearer role can infect a player with the plague. The Plague spreads through visiting and being visited. Once all players are infected the Town is told that Pestilence has been summoned. Players are not told they are infected with the Plague. Once the Plaguebearer turns into Pestilence it gains Invincible defense, powerful rampaging attacks, and deals a powerful attack to anyone who visits it.

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